Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Vintage hair tutorial

Hey guys! I have been loving my new vintage curl hairstyle that I have been wearing all day today. I feel so feminine and immaculate with fresh makeup and a curly, bouncy bob swishing around my head. I'd been meaning to try this hairstyle for a while - I'm terrible with hair but I really wanted an easy hairstyle to try and replicate. I came up with the idea of bendy hair rollers, they looked so easy even I might be able to use them! So this is how my hair turned out...

I love it! It's like a vintage faux bob. I felt so glamorous adding the teal flower hair clip.

These are the products I used...

So, after washing my hair in the shower last night (I just used Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair), I rough-dried it with a towel. 

I then applied the Aussie Curl and Shine hair mousse by running it through my hair using my fingers. I then used a thick-toothed comb (an Afro comb will do, if you use too fine a comb then it can tend to go a little frizzy) to comb through my hair. I sprayed some Tresemme Heat Defence into my hair and gave my hair a rough blow dry. 
When it was mostly dry, I brushed it through (just by using a simple paddle brush), and used the comb to split it into sections. I made fairly thick sections, I think I only used seven or eight curlers. I had two on the bottom row, two on the middle row, and (I think) three on the top. 
For each section, I combed it through a few times, and rolled my hair into the curler, starting at the ends. I rolled each curl inward to try to replicate a really vintage feel. I then bent the ends of the hair rollers inwards to secure it. 
After I had finished curling my whole head of hair, I then used two bobby pins to clip my fringe back, just so make it easier to style in the morning. I then went to bed with it like that.

In the morning, I unravelled each section of hair, one at a time. I brushed out each section a few times with a hairbrush, before brushing it all together at the end. I ran a small amount of serum through my hair to define it and make it slightly less frizzy, but still retain the curl.
I then clipped my fringe back again using bobby pins, and clipped in the teal flower hair clip. I then finished the look by spraying a small amount of hairspray on to my fringe, and once that had set, I sprayed a coat of Gliss Shine Spray to my hair. 

Setting my curls at night and then taking them out in the morning took about ten minutes each, from start to finish. This is a really easy, quick look to try, if, like me, you don't have a lot of time. I personally love how it turned out, and I will definitely be doing this hairstyle a lot more often! I hope this has inspired you also to try something new and fun with your hair (if you want to!) 

Hope you're all having a beautiful Tuesday!

Sammii-Jane x

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