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How to apply false eyelashes correctly - Tutorial

Hey everyone!

This is a tutorial/guide on how to apply false eyelashes correctly. I think that false eyelashes are such a great way to make your look completely flawless, they can finish your makeup look and you can look so put together if they're applied correctly. They're just as important as having the right eyebrow shape for your face. They aren't really something you should wear every day, as it can be quite expensive, and using the same eyelash glue every day can lead to bad hygiene, and as your eyes are just so delicate that isn't something you should want to risk every day. However, on occasions, like if you're going out for the night, or a wedding, or photoshoot, they can complete your look, and help you achieve that flawless perfection you've been after. 

As you can see from pretty much every photo from my blog, I do wear false eyelashes a fair amount of the time - I love how they look, I don't wear them more than twice a week though. Equally, for just a little more definition for those of you with short, stumpy lashes (like mine), individual lashes are perfect if you want to opt for a more subtle look. Strip lashes are the ones used most often, as they give you such a high impact of definition. You can get these on eBay quite cheap (they're usually sold in packs of ten, shipped from China, for around £2, free p&p). 

The things you will need are your pair of false strip eyelashes, a pair of good tweezers, and good eyelash curlers. 

The pre-steps you want to take is to start with a completely naked, makeup free eye. The first thing you want to do is size the eyelash to your eye. Strip lashes usually come quite long, and I have small eyes, so I need to cut them down. Strip lashes are shaped for one side to be a little more sparse (that's the side designed for the inner corner of your eye), and then it flares out, getting thicker and fuller (that's the end designed for your outer corners). If you cut a little off the fuller side, this will help you create the most natural look.

Then, if you use an eyelash curler to curl your natural lashes, this will help your strip lashes to sit better on top of them. If you use an eyelash comb to comb through your lashes, this wil help create the most flawless look. 

You're now ready to apply your false eyelashes!

The first step is to apply a thin strip of eyelash glue to the joining strip of the eyelash. This can be done by holding the eyelash with a pair of tweezers. I like to use Eyelure Eyelash glue, which is around £7, from Superdrug and Boots. If you leave the glue to dry on it for around 15 seconds before applying it to your lash, it becomes quite tacky instead of liquidy, which makes it easier for applying.

When the glue is tacky, you can use a pair of tweezers to apply the lash to your eyelid. Apply it directly on top of your lash line, but be careful to apply it to the skin and not your lashes, as this can cause damage and breakage to your lashes. If you hold the strip lash there with the tweezers for around another fifteen seconds, it has a better chance of staying there all day. 

I then like to gently press the lashes using my fingers, so that they hold better. It is then best to leave them to dry for a couple of minutes, before the final steps. You don't want to rush it or you might have to start again. 

For the final steps, I like to curl my lashes all together again. You have to do this really gently as you don't want to risk the strip lash coming off, so instead of holding the eyelash curler to your lashes, pump it lightly a few times on your lashes. You can then apply your eyeshadow on to your eyelids, and draw a line of eyeliner directly above your lash line, to create the best definition, and most flawless look. The last thing (this is optional, but creates the best results), is to apply a black mascara to your lashes, to match the real and the false ones together. You can use an eyelash comb to separate your lashes again if you feel you need to, or have managed to create a few unwanted clumps of mascara. This should give you the most flawless look.

I hope that if you've been struggling with applying false eyelashes, that this guide has helped you! I hope you're all having a great weekend.

Sammii-Jane x

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