Monday, 28 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas (2015)

Hello Everybody!

I am so so so sorry that I've not written anything in a while. I've recently got a new phone, and I've had a few issues accessing my accounts to write anything, so it's been a bit difficult! I've resorted to writing this up on my iPad though so I can at least make a new post for now!

I wanted to share with you guys what I got for Christmas. Of course, in no way do I want to come across as bragging, but I do have a blog with a fair amount of viewers, and I do of course want to give you new content. What with it being Christmas, I haven't really been up to much else to write about, and I do want to give you guys an accurate account of my life and the things I get up to.

So, my main present was money from my dad. He gave me enough to get myself a few new bits, and also to do up my son's bedroom, my bedroom, and my living room. 

So here is my room now it's done up (I've shown you guys these pics before, I know, but it's always good to recap!)

And my son's bedroom!

I haven't finished my living room yet but as soon as that's sorted I will be showing you guys!

As I said, my dad gave me money to also get myself a few new bits. As you all know, I'm really into fitness, so I got a few new things for that!

I showed you guys a haul that I did a while back (where I bought a mini trampoline, weights, and converse) and some of the money went towards that.

I was lucky enough to receive all of the above before Christmas, so I wasn't expecting anything when it came to Christmas Day - but I was still ridiculously spoiled!

I received Jimmy Choo Flash, benefit High Beam highlighter, Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer, a copy of Paul Hollywood British Baking, a Glossybox subscription, some new Jewellery, Avon goodies, fluffy socks, and new pyjamas!

I was so lucky to receive everything I did. In all the Christmases I've ever had, I've never been as spoiled as I have this year! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas, and a good nose through some of the goodies I received!

I promise, promise, promise, I will write again soon!

Lots of Love, Sam x

Saturday, 12 December 2015

New Year Plans!

Hello Everybody!

Really sorry if I've not posted in a while or anything, I've been meaning to get round to it but I've been crazy busy! As some of you might have seen in my last post, I now work for Juice Plus and it takes a lot of work! I started working at 12 midday earlier on today, and it's now 1am! When I wake up in the morning I'm still going to be just as driven to selling Juice Plus, I really want to hit my targets and help everybody on their personal journeys to improving themselves! It's so rewarding to know people who have had really good experiences with a product you're so passionate about!

It all involves social media, and making new acquaintances, and spreading the word, and it's a lot of fun! I signed up yesterday afternoon and so far I've had one sale, and four new potential customers who want to order after Christmas,as well as a lady who definitely wants to order this week! I will genuinely be really pleased if they do place orders as it will then be really easy to hit my personal sales targets, and Juice Plus is such an amazing product I know they won't be disappointed! 

I've had my eye on Juice Plus for a long time, I've wanted to try it for ages and ages! I've just not plucked up the courage until now. The capsules are great for a health boost, and the shakes are great for weight loss. The capsules are for extra nutrition and shouldn't be used as a meal replacement. The shakes can be used as a meal replacement for 1 or 2 meals per day. Its up to you how many and depends on how much you want to lose and how fast. You can use them to replace whichever meals suits your lifestyle best whether that is breakfast lunch or dinner. You then eat clean the remainder of the time so cutting out processed foods, wheat, gluten and dairy (except eggs). Its a really simple plan to follow, you get to eat loads of real foods, you have 2 snacks a day so you never go hungry and shouldn't feel like you are dieting. 

I wanted to give you guys as much accurate information as I can, so I've done all my reading and research to tell you guys as much as I can in case you were interested in trying anything! 

I also thought that now would be a great time to share my new year plans with you! I'm going to continue working for Juice Plus (of course), and I'm also going to find another job, and possibly a third job too if I can find the time. As some of you know, I'm a single mum on benefits, and the only person who can change my situation is me. I can't afford to stay on benefits for another year so I'm desperate to get back to work! I just want to provide my son and I with the best life I can give us. I do have my own flat, and recently I've decorated my bedroom, my son's bedroom, the bathroom, and I'm half way through my living room. Next year I want to finish up the hallway and my kitchen, start my driving lessons back up, be doing really well with all my jobs, and for my son to be doing really well at his nursery. I also really want to take him to the zoo for his birthday, but it's like 70 miles away and his birthday is in four months time so I don't think I'll be able to, but possibly by summer? I'm hoping to also save enough money to get my first car around Christmas 2016.

Anyway, hope you guys are all having an amazing Christmas break, and I will see you again really soon!

Lots of Love,

Sam x

Friday, 11 December 2015

A Chitty Chat Post Explaining Juice Plus!

Hello Everybody!

Today, I'm in a really good mood!

This morning, I had my heating fixed (it's been broken for these past couple of months and has been absolute HELL this winter), so I'm currently sitting in a nice toasty flat, with a blanket and a hot drink, and my son cuddled up next to me watching Peppa Pig. Bliss. So I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about my latest endeavour!

I got a new job! (Well, sort of). I'm now a Juice Plus Distributor, and firstly, I want to tell you a little bit about it. They're a health supplement that come in the form of capsules, shakes, bars, and soups. In this post I want to tell you all about the product, as I know a lot of people who have seen posts, but don't really understand it, or wanted to know more. I've wanted to try them myself for ages and ages and ages, but just never really got round to taking the plunge! But now, I've signed up to be a Distributor, and I've made my first order! I've personally bought some chocolate and strawberry bars as they're packed with nutrients and will help my late night sweet cravings! The Juice Plus capsules contain an insane mix of 26 fruit and vegetables!

There have been so so so many success stories, I've known girls to use it and have lost so much weight, and they look and feel so much healthier! There have been success stories where girls have been taking it and lost their bloated tummies in as little as month! I'm genuinely so excited to use Juice Plus myself, and I can't wait for more of you to be using it too! I have been following a few of my friends who are Juice Plus Distributors through social media for a while now, as I love seeing their progress, and how the product has worked for them, and the products that they're loving. I can already tell it's an amazing product, and I can't wait for people to try it!

I eat really, really well during the day but then in the evening I tend to cave a little. For example, for breakfast I'll have a fruit smoothie, made with two bananas, a few spoonfuls of natural yoghurt, and some fruit juice, all blended. For lunch I'll usually have a vegetable soup, and for dinner I'll usually have some baked fish, broccoli, and green beans. I don't drink Coke anymore as it makes me feel really bloated and heavy, so instead I'll have water, or fruit squash. But then it gets to the evening, and I get a bit peckish, and sometimes I'll be good and have melon or grapes, but I also sometimes have three chocolate bars, four bags of crisps, a couple of slices of bread, a horse, and the kitchen sink. And let me tell you, that it really doesn't help with maintaining weight loss!

My latest blog post was concerning my 14lb weight loss (and it's been viewed by over 100 of you, so thank you so much for taking a look!) and I also told you how I did it, and throughout the duration of my diet, I didn't use supplements to aid me. I used two weeks worth of fat burning pills, and although I didn't maintain taking those, they helped with the initial weight loss, I think. But other than that, my weight loss was all down to making healthy decisions regarding what I ate, and getting enough exercise. Now I'm 14lb lighter and I feel so, so much happier for it.

On the left is a picture back in April when I was a large size 12, weighing 10st. On the right is me now, a size 8 and weighing 8st, 13lb.

 I'm over the moon with my personal weight loss, it's been a huge achievement for me, but now I really want to maintain it, instead of snacking on junk food every evening. I thought that, if I didn't do something about it soon, my weight would creep up again and I really don't want that to happen. 

I feel really great about signing up with Juice Plus. I feel like it's an amazing job opportunity, it's an amazing product which I am really enthusiastic about, it's going to help me with my personal weight goals, it gives me something positive and productive to do, I can help other people with their weight loss journeys, I've met an amazing team of girls distributing it, and I get to work from home, so I still get to look after my little boy while I do it.

Juice Plus is not only for weight loss, it's primarily a health supplement, though it aids weight loss, good health, nice skin, hair, and nails. It's also not only for women, men use it too to aid their general health, weight loss, and skin conditions! They're also really good for a protein and vitamin boost! You can also make your own creations from the products, here is a recipe I've seen that looks divine!

The prices are as follows:

I've seen so many results from the budget busters alone! For as little as £20.50 a month I think it's so important to invest a small amount into your health. I can't wait for my order to come through! These are the packages, of capsules, shakes, or both, but there are also chocolate bars (what I ordered for when I need a chocolate fix), and there are also vegetable soups available from the 15th December, which I will also be ordering! They'd be perfect for when you want something hot, but still want it too be easy to make, and full of nutrients. The vegetable soups are also vegan when made with a vegan milk alternative.

Here are a few screenshots of the Juice Plus success stories I've seen!

Please feel free to visit the Juice Plus website, or see the product list above, and if there's anything you'd like, contact me to place your order! I am SammiMartin4 on Twitter, Sammi Martin on Facebook, and my email is I also offer one on one support with any purchase, I would love to help you all on your Juice Plus journeys too!

Thank you for taking a look, and I hope to see you again really soon!

Lots of Love, 

Sam x

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My Weight Loss Journey 2015

Hello Everybody!

Recently, I've started up a healthy exercise and diet regime. In the past four-ish months, I've lost 14lb in weight, which I am pretty happy with. I was a size 12, and now I'm a small 10/large 8, if that makes sense? Anyway, so now I feel a lot better, and healthier, and I'm happy to be physically doing something productive like exercise, as for me it really does benefit my moods, I always feel so positive after a run, and healthier when I make good conscious decisions about what I eat. Also just to give you a rough idea of the weight difference, I started off at 10st, and I'm currently 8st, 13lb.

This was me (and Rhys) back in April for his birthday. This was my size 12 stage.

This is me now, in my size 8-10 stage. I am wearing a Waist Trainer, and to anybody else losing weight I recommend them highly because they're amazing. They make your figure so much more streamlined and flattering. I've never in my life done an underwear photo, but for the purpose of this post I mustered up the courage! I feel so much better about myself now. I do still have a slight baby belly as I've not done toning exercises as I hate them, but I might start that soon. 

As for exercise, I've been taking my dog on two runs a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, I take Rhys out on a walk in his pushchair daily, like if I'm running errands, or need to do a food shop, or taking him to soft play, or the park. I also do ten minutes on my mini trampoline in the morning, and again in the evening, and I've started up (since last week) doing weights too. It sounds like a lot, and it might be, but I don't find it that hard to do as I do different exercises for short periods of time so it's easy to fit them in to my day.

My kind of exercise - I love my mini trampoline, I really do, because it's a fun exercise and that's what makes me want to do it, and keep doing it.

I never take my phone out with me when I run so I don't have pictures of that, but here is the view on a good day, which is pretty motivating!

And here are my new weights 😘😘

As for food, I do sometimes still eat carbs, but not half as much as I do now. I swap my usual carb portion for meals for a big portion of boiled vegetables to bulk it out, like instead of having fish and chips, I'll have baked salmon and broccoli. I also do boiled eggs and broccoli a lot, fresh vegetable soups, chicken salad wraps, and for sweet treats I like to have honeydew melon. Melon contains a lot of water and it's so so so good for you, and so delicious, it's literally my favourite food. I do occasionally have the odd cheat day, like yesterday I was out, so I had a Greggs Sausage Roll, and Chocolate Cookie for lunch, and when I got home I also had a Cadbury Chocolate Pudding 🙊🙊 But today I've been out doing errands so I've been walking around a lot, I've done my running, and trampolining this morning so I feel like I've burned it off, so I do have cheat days but I bounce straight back to eating healthily the next day.

These are my kind of meals!

Salmon and broccoli!

Boiled eggs and broccoli! This is one of my favourite five minute meals. I just boil the eggs and broccoli in the same pan for four minutes.

Chicken salad wraps...

And fruity breakfast smoothies!

For me, my personal motivation is that I see the results so I know it's working for me and I feel healthier for it. It's not been so hard for me to lose weight and I know that I've been incredibly lucky with that as it's not so easy for other people, but I'm literally sharing my weight loss journey with you as I blogged about starting it a while ago, but haven't yet done any updates. 

I hope you've found this interesting, and I hope you don't mind my selfie, I didn't want it to seem innapropriate but I did want to show you what I've been using to aid my figure, and I'm sorry if it offended anyone.

Lots of Love,

Sam x

Sunday, 6 December 2015

MASSIVE Fitness Haul Winter 2015!

Hello Everybody!

Recently I've done a bit of a fitness haul. As you might know, I've been getting really into fitness of late, I eat healthily, I use my mini trampoline each day, and I've also started taking my dog out for a run twice a day. Prior to these past couple of months, I've not done proper exercise in years, so I feel so much healthier and more positive for what I am doing now. 

Also prior to these past couple of months, I've genuinely not owned any fitness equipment/clothing whatsoever, so that's why I've done a fitness haul as I've been really needing some new bits. You just don't go for a run in jeans!

The first thing I picked up was a pair of geometric printed black, white, and pink leggings. They have a sort of mesh black part on the calves which I think is that material that makes it more aerodynamic/helps skin to breathe (as you can see I have no idea what I'm talking about, and really should have read the label!), and I also bought a pink long sleeve top as it was really flattering and looked really cute with the leggings. I paid £15 for both items, the leggings were £10, and the top was £5, and they were from Tesco. I've been eyeing up a similar outfit on Fabletics that was over £50 so I'm very happy with what I paid for mine! When I exercise I like to cover up, but I still want to look feminine. 

I also bought myself some more new exercise clothes from Primark as I could do with more than one set of fitness wear! 

I bought a pair of full length black leggings, and a pair of cropped black leggings with cute pink sides at the bottom.

I also bought a loose long sleeved grey slouchy top, a black workout vest, and a pink crop top.

I also bought another pair of my favourite pyjamas! I wear these all the time and they're so light and comfortable.

I also went to River Island, where I bought this really cool black vest top. This was £18. 

I also went to Hollister (about a month ago, now) where I bought this jumper. As you can see I've already worn it a few times but this was £45.

I also bought a cute sparkly water bottle to take out with me when I exercise! This was £2.49 from B&M Homestores.

My mum also bought me these trainers recently, I'm not really sure where they were from as they were an early Christmas present!

I was also treated to a new pair of white leather Converse from my dad as another Christmas present. Mine were £55 from JD Sports. They're so gorgeous, I love these so much. I did initially ask for these for my Christmas present before my mum gave me the black and pink trainers, but I've been wearing those out currently as I don't want to ruin my Converse with the bad weather!

Another early Christmas present, was my fitness trampoline! I asked for this from my dad, but as he was visiting last month he bought our Christmas presents then so we all knew what we were getting! Mine is the 66 fit mini trampoline from Amazon and was £16.

I've also bought myself two York 2kg Fitbells from Tesco, and these were £5 each. I thought these would be really good to start off with as they're slightly heavier than I would like, but that's good as it means they will also give me a little push to help me get more comfortable wth heavier weights, so I think they're a great beginners weight!

So this was my (possibly slightly excessive) fitness and exercise haul, I hope you guys have enjoyed having a look at what I got! 

Lots of Love,

Sam x

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

November 2015 Beauty Favourites

Hello Everybody!

I have had such an amazing November. I've had a trip to London, had a couple of nights out, seen my old friends, consumed copious amounts of wine, redecorated my flat once I came home, and I've done a lot of Christmas shopping, which always puts me in a good mood! So today I wanted to share with you my favourites that I have been loving this November.

Firstly, I love my Eylure Fleur De Force lashes so much they're literally my favourite false eyelashes ever. I have worn these on both nights out that I've had, the first was to a club, the second night was a date to a restaurant, and I've worn these lashes out in the day time a lot too. They're so versatile, they look so natural and beautiful and they just look appropriate for anything. They make me feel like I look much more immaculate and honestly I cannot get enough of them. I've bought three pairs this November alone, and I will keep going back to them as my go-to lashes. They're so comfortable you forget you're wearing them!

Secondly, the Divine Dark Batiste Dry Shampoo is so nice. It actually smells a little chocolatey to me. I really love this particular version, as I dyed my hair dark from blonde a few months ago, and the normal versions of Batiste seem as though they're designed for light hair, and they've got quite a powdery look and texture to them which don't cover up my roots or boost my hair at all! The Divine Dark Batiste however is just so much better for my hair, it's been such a godsend while the weather has been all cold and wet!

My third favourite is Kylie Jenner's Lip Combination. Typically, I would place my Mac order the day before she announces her lip kits, but I prefer Mac anyway because it's such high quality and everyone just loves Mac! So Kylie uses the lip pencil in Soar, and both lipsticks in the shades Velvet Teddy, and Brave. I ordered the lip pencil in the shade Soar which is a pink based nude, and the lipstick Brave as it was one I've previously owned and I know it's flattering on me. I love Soar and Brave together, it's such a demure, yet classy and immaculate look. 

Fashion-wise, I've been loving (and still am loving, and will probably love forever), my Primark tan heeled boots. I love tan leather, I feel like it's so much more flattering than black, and I love that these look classic and cool and the heel is surprisingly comfortable and sturdy. These were only £18 and I bought them (I think) in October, but I've worn these during the day time and night time and they're again really versatile. 

So these have been my November favourites, I hope you guys have all enjoyed reading the products I've been loving! Also here's a recent selfie to show you all the lip combo, I really love it as it's still subtle but it's also just enough colour! 

Hope you are all having an amazing week, and are looking forward to an incredible Christmas!

Lots of Love,

Sam x

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Flat Redecorating, and Christmas Plans!

Hello Everybody!

As you guys may or may not know, one of my Christmas presents is having my flat done up in time for Christmas. So far, I've had my bedroom redecorated, my son has new bedroom furniture, and I'm currently redecorating my living room. I've painted three walls, I still need to wallpaper my last wall (as a feature wall), and I have just had my new sofa, cushions, and little decorative bits delivered, too. The thing that I really wanted the most for Christmas was a nice home for my son, and now his bedroom is done, my bedroom is done, and the living room is nearly done - and we've got a month to go!

For now, I'll show you pictures of my bedroom now that it's finished, and my son's room, too. I'll show you my living room when that's finished too, hopefully soon!

So here's Rhys's room. He's got a new toddler bed, and matching bedside table and chair, and a new Peppa Pig border all around his room. (P.S. George Pig has to sleep on us bed too, or he won't sleep at all). 

And here's my room! It's an awkward shape so I've had to take it from a few different angles. I have always wanted fairy lights above my bed! 

Here's my dressing table. 1960's, and I absolutely love it.

My wardrobe...

And a few close ups of my favourite personal touches! I've got this bright yellow 'Aloha' sign hanging above my dressing table, and I thought it was so cute. I bought it in Dunelm for the ridiculous price of 25p!

On my dressing table, I have this adorable owl lamp, and a Cath Kidston mug holding all my makeup brushes.

On my bed, I have this gorgeous rose cushion I bought in Primark for £2. I know it doesn't really go with the colours in my bedroom, but I thought it was so pretty I couldn't resist buying it!

Once I've finished with the living room, I can then focus on actually getting people things for Christmas - so far, the only person I've bought presents for is my son! I do have an Amazon Christmas List made for my family already - I didn't want to do it out in town as my town centre is really small and doesn't really have a lot, and I don't want to get sidetracked from the things I actually set out to buy. I know it's not very festive, it's a totally lazy option which I do not condone, but it's also surprisingly the cheapest option, and I don't even need to leave the flat. Result! Once I've done my Christmas Gift Shopping, I can then do my Christmas decorations and tree shopping! I also need to buy something for breakfast, as we're doing breakfast and presents at mine (since most of the present will be for Rhys anyway), and then Christmas lunch and afternoon movies and snacks will be at my mums.

So what are you guys doing for Christmas?

I hope it's amazing!

Sam x

Monday, 23 November 2015

My Easy Festive Christmas Bread Recipe

Hello Everybody!

So, in my household we have Christmas traditions. I'm pretty sure that every household has Christmas traditions, but in mine, we particularly like baked goods around Christmas. My mum and I will agree on a day to bake, and she will make the Mince Pies, and I will make my Christmas Bread. Then I will take it round to her house later in the evening, and we'll have wine/other alcohol, watch a Christmas film, chat, and eat our bakes. 

I don't actually know my mums mince pie recipe (shameful, I know), but I can provide you with my Christmas Bread recipe. Christmas Bread, from what I know, is something I've made up. I don't know if someone else made it before me, I've never in my life googled a recipe for it, and I'm not going to. I literally made it up in my kitchen with leftover ingredients that I had in the cupboard and fridge, and it worked, and I've never looked back. Now each year we have Christmas Bread. 

This is so, so, so, good. It takes all of half an hour to prepare and bake, so there's no time needed to wait around for the bread to rise or anything like that. It's a really easy recipe that you can literally bung all the ingredients into a mixing bowl, mix it up, grease a pan, and bake. Best of all, the flavour combinations are chocolate, orange, and spice, and it fragrances my whole flat with the smell of Christmas baking. I like to make it just before I have people coming over, and then when they ask,'What's that smell?' (Because they do), I can whip out my Christmas Bread, and share it with them over a coffee. It's best served warm, and is such a cosy, delicious treat. 


400g self raising flour
100g butter
1 teaspoon of salt
100g caster sugar and spice mix
1 cup milk

For the glaze:
50g Chocolate sauce
50g Marmalade

Cocoa powder
Fresh Orange slices

Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Add ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix with an electric mixer until a dough forms. Knead the dough to ensure its all got a good doughy consistency and separate into 4/5/6 pieces, depending on how many people you are feeding. I'd do 1 roll per person. Roll each piece into a little ball shape and place on a greased baking tray. If you want it to have a more uniform shape, like mine, place into a greased bread tin and push the balls together slightly. Cook for around 20 minutes or until golden brown. 
In a small bowl, whisk together the chocolate sauce, and marmalade together, using a fork. Brush on to the bread and put back in the oven for a further five minutes for it to develop a sticky delicious glaze. Then take out of the oven and leave to cool. Right before serving, I like to sprinkle cocoa powder over the top, and then add a few fresh orange slices for that pop of colour.

So that is my Christmas Bread recipe! I hope you guys try to make it at home, and more importantly, I hope that you love it as much as I do!

Happy baking!

Sam x

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

November Glossybox 2015

Hello Everybody!

I'm just going to jump straight in here, I'm so, so pleased with what I got in my November 2015 Glossybox. 

I'm going out on Saturday night to dinner with a friend, and everything I got in my Glossybox, I can use for Saturday.

The first thing I saw, which I've not yet tried but looks really impressive, is the MUA Eyeshadow Palette. There are twelve shades, just as there are in the Urban Naked Palette, but what I like about this one (as well as the price!) is that as well as your standard muted brown shades, there are also dusky soft pinks, golds, and gorgeous vivid darker colours. It also comes with an eyeshadow applicator, but let's be honest, who uses those? I much prefer a brush as I usually wear two eyeshadows, blended out. But the palette looks really good and I can't wait to try it Saturday!

The second thing I saw was the Eylure Naturalites Lashes. As you might have guessed from my blog name, I love, love, love, me some lashes! Specifically, I really love natural looking lashes, as you can wear them day time or night time, and they wouldn't look out of place. They're so versatile and to me, they just enhance your natural beauty. You don't even have to wear any other eye makeup with these, they just look so good on their own. I love wearing lashes in the day time as it makes me feel so much more put together. I was going to buy a pair of these for Saturday so I'm so pleased I got them in my Glossybox - It's definitely saved me a trip to Boots!

Hiding underneath the lashes, was a Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Nude Attitude. I feel like this box was a little bit Kylie Jenner Inspired, with the muted brown eyeshadow palette, the natural lashes, and nude lipstick! It's obviously only a fraction of what she probably paid, but I feel like you could definitely do some Kylie inspired makeup looks with the November Glossybox. This Revlon lipstick does look like it's a lovely nude shade, but I'll probably wear a dusky pink Lipliner like Kylie does, to accentuate it.

The next product I picked up, was the Emite Makeup Diamond Heart Illuminating Base Primer. I don't tend to wear primer during the day, as my makeup only tend to run when I get too warm, but I live in a cold area so that never really happens. But since we're going for dinner in a probably hot little restaurant, for me, it's better to wear primer, just to help keep my makeup in place. I also really like that it's illuminating, so I'm really hoping it will give me a pretty, dewy glow.

The final item, was the very sweetly packaged Royal Apothic Moisturising Body Creme. I have to admit, I hasn't realised it was a body creme, I thought it was a hand cream! I like to take hand creams with me when I go out as I really hate to get dry hands, so even though this isn't a hand cream, I'm going to pack it in my bag and take it with me on Saturday.

So that was everything I got in my November 2015 Glossybox! I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, and seeing what I recieved (I love Glossybox related posts!) and I will see you all very soon!

Lots of Love,

Sam x