Sunday, 23 March 2014

My top 5 beauty products - March/April 2014

Morning everyone! So, these are my favourite beauty products for March/April 2014! I'm really hoping you'll be interested in trying some of these products, as they're just too good to miss out on!

1. Clinique anti-blemish solutions 3 step system 
My top favourite has to be this set from Clinique, which is retailed at £25. It is the best thing I've used for my skin so far - clearing it up has been an ongoing battle but this has been the best thing for it. I've only been using it a week as I'm writing this now, and my mum commented today saying my skin was looking much clearer! All Clinique products are fragrance free and allergy tested. As my skin is so problematic (I have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, and generally get break-outs all the time because of it) I thought that would be a great product to try, and so far, I've had no break outs because of it, and my skin seems to be clearing up! Yay!

2. Clinique Happy in Bloom
I am a huge fan of Clinique products - and I love the smell of the new Happy in Bloom fragrance. It just smells so fresh, and floral, and the smell of it is just so pretty it really does make me quite happy! It is retailed at £26.50, and is definitely my second favourite product of the month.

3. Burt's Bees Lip Wax
This just makes my lips feel so incredibly soft and nourished! It is made from beeswax which is a natural skin softener. I've learned recently that petroleum-based products (such as Vaseline) don't actually moisturise your lips - they just grease them. This Burt's Bees lip wax is so softening, and doesn't make your lips look really shiny, it just gives a natural, pretty, soft finish. It contains peppermint extract, so it does make your lips feel slightly tingly - but I really like this product, and the way it smells is just so good! 

4. Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm
This product is amazing! My hair is incredibly curly, untame, and naturally messy. This product came free with the purchase of Elle magazine, and I'm so glad I bought it! It makes my hair so much easier to manage, softer, and shinier. It just looks in so much better condition from using this product! The Wonder Balm is retailed at £18 for a full size bottle. I have also done a recent review if you're interested in reading more about this product!

5. A back-combing brush
I was very inquisitive to these on-trend back-combing brushes, so I bought a cheap one from Primark to try out at home, which cost only £1! I am loving it - where my hair is incredibly curly it can also lay quite flat due to the weight of it, but using one of these brushes to tease my roots, and a bit of hair spray, really works wonders for my hair! I still haven't gotten over the novelty of using it, either!

So, these are my favourite products for March/April 2014! Do you have any favourites? Or, any suggestions of really good products to try out? I hope you've all had a great weekend!

Sammii-Jane x

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