Friday, 7 March 2014

Cleansing routine

This post is to follow on from the 'What's in my makeup bag?' Blog post, and it's also to aid fellow acne sufferers! So, I've recently found a complete breakthrough product which has managed to clear up my acne completely, and I just had to share it with you in hope that it may work for you too! 
My skin type is combination oily/dry, and my acne has been hormonal. I was having a good skin day today so I decided to take a completely makeup free picture, I have a few blemishes but I am very comfortable with how my skin is now, in comparison to how it was with my acne.

Please excuse my bed hair - I'd literally just cleansed so still had my hair up!

I only have on a little mascara here and that's it! I don't even have on lip balm! I do still have slight redness on my forehead but that was my biggest problem area with my acne. The red blemishes on my left cheek are birthmarks, so they will never go, and I only really have a spot just under my lower lip which is fading, and I have open pores around my nose. But they are very, very miniscule compared to the acne I had. 

So, for my cleansing routine! I am in love with the Clean and Clear range. 

I use the deep cleansing lotion, advantage scrub, and dual action moisturiser twice a day, in the morning before I put on my makeup, and in the evening before I go to bed. I also use Superdrug's own Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 moisturiser and serum, before applying the primer from my makeup selection. I also use a Mud Mask at least once a week, usually while I'm having a soak in the bath. As I have dry skin, I exfoliate maybe every two or three days depending on what my skin needs, but if I don't exfoliate, then I get dry, cracked skin showing through my makeup- not a good look!

Let me tell you something. My couldn't-live-without product has got to be the deep cleansing lotion. The product in that bottle is bright blue - but because I've gone through so much of it there's only a tiny bit left in the bottle so it doesn't show the true colour. It's oil-free, and contains both alcohol and salycilic acid. It's a very strong formula but it is incredibly cleansing. I take off my makeup with a sink of warm water, the advantage scrub, and a wet flannel, and I think my skin is free from makeup. But no - I then apply the deep cleansing lotion using a cotton wall ball, and it picks up all the more difficult makeup, like those tiny bits of foundation that were refusing to come off before. This cleansing lotion is like my oxygen. It's only around £3, and this and the dual action moisturiser are literally all you need when having a makeup free day. I have never found a product as good as this for my acne, but because it is such a concentrated formula it is literally like industrial strength for acne. If I were on a desert island, or anywhere for that matter, this cleansing lotion is the product I would take with me.

Equally, the Naturally Radiant moisturiser and serum has natural plant extracts, and finishes your skin with a youthful energising glow. As my makeup is mineral-based, I feel that the plant extract of this product, and the powerful cleansing properties of my cleanser, all contribute to give my skin all the nourishment it needs. Mud masks are also mineral based but I think it's good to use that in your cleansing routine, too. 

So, this is my complete cleansing routine - remember though that this works for my skin type, and it might not work for you if your skin type is different to mine, but I would still definitely try both the Clean and Clear cleansing lotion, and dual action moisturiser, whatever your skin type is. Clean and Clear claim to be suitable for all skin types, so you should definitely give it a go!

I beat acne, and I really hope you find something that works for you! We should all be able to feel completely comfortable with ourselves, but if we have things like bad skin or our own personal flaws it can be really difficult to feel comfortable in our own skin. I feel I've achieved this - enough to post a makeup free picture of myself over the internet, at least! 

I hope you're all having a beautiful week, and are all looking forward to an even more beautiful weekend!

Sammii-Jane x

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