Friday, 28 March 2014

Clinique wish list - March 2014!

So, as you guys will know, I am a huge, huge, huge, Clinique fan! As I have such problematic skin, I love the fact that Clinique products are allergy tested, and fragrance free, as this means there are no irritants in their products. I always feel like my skin is really clean after using Clinique, and the skin care products feel so refreshing on my skin. On a recent Boots haul, I stopped by one of the Clinique counters, and on impulse, I managed to purchase 3 skin care products, 1 fragrance, and was given 6 free travel sample products from the purchase, which I was highly impressed with! I've been using Clinique for perhaps the last month now, and I have to say, the skin care and beauty products are so good, I am hooked! They've made such a huge difference to my skin, and I just really love the product range! Which means (as you guys can imagine), I now have a Clinique wish list as long as my arm. These are the products I've bought/been given so far...

Top row: Clinique glosswear for lips, Superbalm moisturising gloss in Grapefruit, Superbalm moisturising gloss in Raspberry, the Anti-blemish Solutions 3 step system (cleansing lotion, facial wash, and moisturiser), the Even better makeup foundation, and the High Impact mascara. 
Middle row: Rinse off foaming cleanser, Dramatically different moisturising lotion, and the All about eyes eye creme. 
Bottom row: Clinique Happy in bloom eau de parfum, 30ml.

I've also recently purchased the Quickliner eyeliner from the Clinique website - I've been after an eyeliner pencil with a smudging applicator for ages, so this is perfect! I only ordered it this morning though so I am waiting for it to arrive. 

Now, however, I have decided that actually, I'd really like to purchase a few more of their products! This is going to take some serious saving!

The first product on my wish list is the Colour corrects redness Superprimer. I've been using the anti-blemish skin care, which has completely stopped my spots, but my skin is still a little red and blotchy - not a lot though, so I'm really hoping this will cover it. The range of Superprimer's are sold at £20 each.

So, I am loving the look of the Clinique Cheek Pop. My preferred shade would be the plum pop. I'm fairly pale so coral, orangey tones like Peach Pop just don't suit me, and both Berry Pop and Ginger Pop are far too dark. I've been wanting to try a darker pinky shade of blush for a while, as I usually just shy away from colour and use bronzer instead, but this just looks like such a lovely bright shade to revive my daily makeup! Powder blushes do generally last me a really long time, so £16.50 seems like a fair price!

I've been looking at eyeshadows, too. The shadow duo in Beach Plum would be great for a day-to-night transitional palette, as you have a neutral shade, and then a more interesting, fun shade, too. This palette would go perfectly with the Plum Pop Cheek Pop blush. The range of eyeshadow duos are retailed at £22. 

The last thing (maybe actually the first), on my Clinique wish list, is the Paired in Purple set! I've been wanting to try a deep plum/grape lip colour for a while, and I think that the shade of the nail enamel is just so pretty! This is £20 from the Clinique website.

All of these items would just really complete my makeup set, and I just can't decide which products I like most! I'll definitely be getting the Superprimer, the Cheek Pop, and the Paired in Purple set soon though! 

Sammii-Jane x

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