Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spa day!!! :D

Hello everyone, I really hope that you are having a very beautiful Thursday! I know I am! I've been lucky enough today to be able to have a bit of a pamper, I don't quite have the means to be able to actually go to the spa - so I thought I would recreate one at home! 

I started off the morning with a nice, hot, luxurious bath, with a You've been Mangoed! Bath melt from Lush, and a wonderfully scented vanilla candle. I also wore an uber-glamorous mud mask for a good fifteen minutes. I don't know about you, but I personally love a mud mask, I love how it makes my skin look so much more hydrated from wearing it! 

After my amazing warming bath soak, I then dipped my feet in a heated, bubbly, massaging foot spa. I then applied both hand and feet moisturiser, and Johnson's baby oil to my feet to ensure that they were kept soft and supple. 

While I left my feet to relax, I thought I would give myself a pretty, girly manicure! I painted my nails with a layer of Rimmel's Nude French Manicure Polish, and then a layer of Sally Hansen's Salon Manicure. I had filed and buffed my nails previously, and finished off with the Vaseline Essential Moisture hand cream, as pictured below.


I then decided it was about time to have lunch - I've recently been told to eat all the colours of the rainbow. I think beauty is about physical well being as well as appearance though, so I thought a nutritious salad would be a positive thing. 

While on the topic of physical well being, I thought it would also be nice to go for a walk. I really should know by now that a little walk always means me walking into Boots! They had a 3-for-2 offer across all the makeup brands so I had a mini splurge! I'd been meaning to try the bronzing powder and falsies mascara for a while anyway, and the cute little Max Factor Polish matched the jumper I was wearing, it was fate! I am incredibly excited to try the bronzing powder though, look how pretty it is! It comes in a cute compact form with a rotating mirror, and a super-soft little bronzing brush! I just thought it was so adorable!

Last, but not least, on a beauty/pamper/spa day, after I had done my hair and makeup to go out, it was only natural to take a selfie! I was a real hater of selfies before, but of late, I've realised that feeling beautiful isn't about looking like Barbie - it's about accepting yourself, and enhancing your own personal features in their best light. It's not about trying to look like someone else, it's about making the most out of you. I have become a lot more accepting of myself since realising this, and hope to only become more comfortable. 

I hope you guys carry to have a great week!

Sammii-Jane x

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