Saturday, 15 March 2014

A haul with a purpose!

Hey guys! So, I don't know about you, but I personally, have been eyeing up the Bobbi Brown Instant Pretty kit for a really, really, long time. Look how pretty it is!

This set contains the Bobbi Brown compact blush and Face Blender brush, a jet black eyeliner pencil, a mascara, and a Wild Rose lip gloss. And, it's beautiful.

But, as I am expecting a baby within a couple of weeks, I cannot justify spending £56 on the new makeup set. I absolutely love the idea of it though, just a few little items to take with you on the go, if you didn't have time to do your makeup at home you could still easily do it whilst on the bus. Not a lot of items, but just enough to freshen up, and feel, well, instantly pretty! 

So, instead of buying that particular set, I decided to recreate my own using mixed makeup brands from Boots. As it's a three-for-two offer in all stores at the moment, I thought it would be a far cheaper way of getting similar items. I had a lot of fun doing this particular haul, as with the Bobbi Brown set the items are chosen automatically - but as I was making up my own set I got to choose! 

I was browsing in the high street before heading to Boots, and found this Soap and Glory makeup bag and mirror in one of the charity shops. I've been looking out for a nice makeup bag and compact mirror, as I wanted one to be able to take out with me, I don't like to carry around my (particularly heavy) indoor makeup bag when I only use a few items from it outside of the house. As this bag-and-mirror set was only £3, I picked it up!

So, the makeup items I got were the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, the Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream, the Seventeen Cheek Of It cheek stamp, the Maybelline Falsies mascara, the Rimmel Kohl eyeliner, a pale rose coloured Nivea lip balm, and I've thrown one of my previously unused Kabuki brushes into the set as well, there was no point buying another when I already had two spares!

I decided that for me, personally, I would need makeup for my face, as my skin still isn't in great condition I would at least need a concealer and BB cream. I have been wanting to try the new Seventeen cheek stamp blusher since my last haul, although you would need a brush to blend it in with. I thought a simple Kohl eyeliner would be good to just smudge into the outer corners of your eyes, and a little mascara would add some definition. I don't really know why I got the Nivea lip balm, I don't really intend on using it - I would use my Burt's Bees lip wax but as it hasn't arrived yet, I just put this one in to give you an idea.

So this is the before and after photo...

Wow - looking at my skin here I think I can definitely justify a 5-minute makeup application each morning! My skin is terrible but this makeup really just hides it - I've cleansed my face as normal, and all I've used face-wise is primer, BB cream, and concealer. I've then just blended in some blush, and defined my eyes using the kohl eyeliner and mascara, and finished off with the lip balm. I did cheat slightly as I have applied a sheer lip gloss on top, but this makeup look really did take just five minutes!

While we were browsing the charity shops, I also found this book! Skin Secrets by Liz Earle. 

I had been wanting to get a beauty-related book for a while, but I don't really read all that much, but I knew with this book I would be dipping into it an awful lot! It was only £2.50, and I've been really wanting to read up more on skin care and get a little more knowledge and insight into it. Where I do love makeup, I really do have a huge interest in skin care, so I can't wait to start reading this! It might seem a little too science-y for some people, but it just seems really interesting to me! Here's a few pages, to give you an idea on the book...

My mum also treated me to a cute little No.7 mini makeup bag. It comes with a primer, a tinted moisturiser, an eyeshadow, a mascara, and lipgloss. It was only £5 and she thought it would be a good alternative to the original Bobbi Brown kit I had wanted to buy, and I personally really like it, but although I know it isn't suitable for my skin at the moment, its definitely something I can see myself using in the future. 

She also treated me to this little gem right after our pub lunch! This has been such a lovely lazy Saturday, I really hope you guys have had a lovely day also! 

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Sammii-Jane x

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