Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Homemade Jam Brioche (Slow-Cooker Recipe)

So, of late, I've been very much in a "making things" kind of mood. Luckily for me, this works well as I'm quite a creative person, and equally I'm not half-bad at cooking. I don't think I've mentioned on here yet, but my cooker broke a couple of months ago, but instead of trying to replace it I'm trying to find ways around not needing one, which I suppose, means finding recipes that work with the appliances that I have. One of the appliances that I do have, however, is a slow cooker, and yesterday I made a jam brioche for breakfast in it, which my son loved! 


So, the recipe is as follows:

Mix together 3 cups self raising flour, 100g butter, 1 tsp salt, and 1 cup of milk to form the dough. Roll it out onto a floured surface, spread a filling on the inside of it before rolling it up again like a Swiss roll, and cut into pieces. Line the slow cooker with baking paper and grease it before placing the rolls in. It'll need to go on for two hours on high with a teatowel under the lid.
Once cooled, I then made an icing to drizzle over using icing sugar, milk, and a cap full of vanilla essence.

So easy, right?! Although, alternative fillings you could use are...
- Cinnamon mixed with sugar for Cinnamon Swirls
- Chocolate Spread
- Lavender Sugar
- Lemon Curd
- You could also add garlic salt and dried herbs to the dough, and drizzle olive oil and sea salt on top 
- Or you could use tomato purée in the rolls, and then sprinkle cheese on top to make Pizza Swirls (Equally, another child friendly recipe!)

This is such an easy, no fuss recipe, perfect for a birthday or treat breakfast for your little ones - though I'll also be making this for our Christmas Day breakfast! It's equally good for grown ups if you want to show off your cooking skills! It's also very similar to a cake which is also good as an after-school treat! If you've a couple of hours spare, and some basic cupboard ingredients then I highly recommend you try this! 

Happy baking,

Sammii-Jane x

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

DIY Jam Jar Snowglobe

Seasons greetings, everyone! So, I personally love the idea of homemade gifts and decorations and such, around Christmas. (I'm also hoping to make up some fudge for Boxing Day, and onion chutney for the cheeseboard on Christmas Day). 

Today I decided to make a jam jar snowglobe with my son, Rhys, as I personally think it's a fun thing to do to get us into the Christmas spirit, and it's also a good, easy kind of messy play for little ones! So here's our DIY Snowglobe!

To make one yourself, you will need:
- A clean, empty jam jar
- A christmas-themed figurine, e.g. A snowman, Santa, a Christmas tree
- Superglue
- Enough water to fill the jam jar
- Glitter
- A small piece of red gingham ribbon

Method: Superglue your figurine onto the inside of the jam jar lid, and leave to dry overnight. In the morning, fill the jam jar with water (a lot of people will use tap water, I boiled the kettle and let some water cool overnight and left it aside, to make it sterile). Sprinkle in some glitter (I used blue and silver), and screw up the lid as tight as you can. Then tie the gingham ribbon, making sure it faces the same way as your figurine. Et voila, you have made a jam jar snowglobe! (They're so cute, right?!)

Hope you've enjoyed this post, 

Sammii-Jane x