Friday, 9 October 2015

My Experience with Kiehls UK

Hello Everybody!

Those of you who have me on Twitter might have recently seen my tweet about my order with Kiehls Skincare. To give some light on the situation, I tried for forty-five minutes to place an order through the Kiehls UK website. Although this is a positive review, I do have to mention that the Kiehls UK Site is seriously mobile-unfriendly, and there is definitely some room for improvement on that. This was my tweet to the company and their initial response. 

While I was placing my order and just about to make my payment through PayPal to Kiehls, the site redirected me, but not to PayPal. Kiehls redirected me to sign up to recieve emails about their promotions and offers, and there was no button to close the pop up window, so I had to do it in order to (I thought) process my transaction, but it instead totally wiped my order. As you can imagine, after spending forty five minutes trying to navigate a site having tech issues I was not very happy.

I wasn't overly satisfied with the site or their response, and although it was inconvenient I didn't feel like there was anyone directly I could blame, as we all know how technology could be sometimes! So I let it go, and just said to myself I wouldn't order anything from Kiehls again as it was just such hassle. We don't have a Kiehls in my local town and the nearest store is an hour away, I have a toddler and I don't drive so it's not particularly easy for me to get to, which is why I decided to order it online. 

As my tweet to them was the only course of action that I took to resolve the issue, you can imagine my surprise when a Kiehls box arrived at my door!

The box contained the moisturiser that was my only order, and a couple of individual sample items. I've wanted to try the moisturiser for a really long time, following all the hype about how good it is for your skin, and at around £15 for 75ml I didn't think it was that bad a price, and I've been running really low on my Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream but didn't want to have to fork out another £30 for it! 

I also want to mention that in no way did Kiehls send me this box to get a review or anything like that, it was purely to show good customer service and I think it was a really lovely gesture as obviously they didn't have to. They didn't charge me anything at all for these products and I just think it's admirable that such a large company who really didn't have to take any course of action, accepted that there was an issue with their site, and were kind enough to send me the product I had tried to order, totally free of charge. It was absolutely nobody's fault so it was really lovely of them to do that. 

So I have to say, although my experience with Kiehls started out really badly, their customer care is actually really good, and I would definitely buy from them again based on this experience (although, I will probably wait until I can actually get to a store, rather than trying to purchase anything through their site).

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, and I also want to say a big thank you to Kiehls for their top-notch Customer Care.

Lots of Love,

Sam x

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