Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Review: Loreal's 24H Infallible Foundation

Yesterday, I was out looking for a new foundation. I'd been using Rimmel's Wake me Up foundation (£8.99), but it had run out, so I was hoping to find something cheaper, but also a better colour match, as I am super pale and find most foundations have a quite an orange tone.

Do you see the foundation I swatched here? No? Exactly! There is a blob of foundation over the veins of my wrist that looks more like a bruise (it was very orangey toned, I think it was a Miss Sporty foundation, at £3.49), but I've also got another foundation that I swatched just underneath. It was the Loreal Infallible foundation, in the shade Porcelain - and is honestly the palest foundation I've ever used, and is an amazing colour match for me, and equally has really great coverage. It's more than what I wanted to spend, but I was so impressed with the colour match I had to have it! This is what the bottle of foundation looks like...

And this is what it looks like on - no concealer, no BB cream, just a translucent primer (Maybelline's Baby Skin) as a base underneath. I have applied Bourjios Delice de Soleil bronzer on to my cheeks, but skin-wise, that's the only other makeup I've used. Look at the coverage! 

It's covered up pretty much all of my blemishes, and I do have problem skin. I found it to be such a natural looking shade and I really love the texture - for me, this beats any other foundation now. This is my go-to foundation, I just love it so, so much. I've never found a better colour match. This is the perfect foundation! I no longer have to look for products that are either pale, or has great coverage - the Loreal Infallible has both! 

Sammii-Jane x

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