Friday, 16 May 2014

Big Boots and Superdrug haul

As you can see, I had a little bit of shopping this week. I don't really have any way of justifying it, except for saying that I had needed some of it?! I went in with a small shopping list, which consisted of Contact lens solution, a new primer, a foundation, and a face wash... But I ended up coming out with a few bits more!

From Superdrug, I purchased the Loreal Infallible foundation in the shade Porcelain - I actually purchased it earlier this week, though I bought everything else today. I'm in love with this foundation - it's such a light shade which is perfect for my pale skin but equally has really amazing coverage.

Since trying the amazing Infallible foundation, I then decided I wanted to try other products from Loreal's range. I'd looked online earlier this week to find a new primer, and I initially wasn't sure between this one, the Lumi Magique pure light primer, or the resurfacing primer. I ended up choosing this one - as my skin is so pale, it sometimes could do with a bit of a highlight, and this claims to be light reflecting so hopefully it will make my skin look really fresh and pretty! I'm so excited to try it!

I had seen these 2true eyeshadows earlier this week, but resisted buying one until today. I've swatched it roughly on my hand for you just to show the colours. I was a bit lazy and didn't really blend it terribly well, sorry! But they are really nice colours, and only £1.99 per duo!

I've had my eye on the Barry M eyebrow pen for a while. This was £5.99, and although I only ever use a natural light brown eyebrow pencil, I've been wanting to branch out with other eyebrow products to see what works best for me. I imagine this would create a really defined eyebrow shape, which will be interesting to try!

Bit of a boring one - I'd ran out of face wash and needed another! I've been using Freederm spot treatment gel lately and it does seem to work - I had wanted to buy a moisturiser from the set too but there was no stock left in store!

I also picked up a Dove Summer Glow tanning lotion - it was on offer for little over £2, but I thought this would be nice to use over the Summer months!

From Boots, I picked up a Real Techniques makeup sponge. I've never used a makeup sponge before so I really wanted to try this - I've got other brushes from the Real Techniques range which I love so I really want to like this makeup sponge too!

I've been dipping into this book a lot of late - 'The 21st Century Beauty Bible' - because I've been reading up a lot on skincare, as mine is so problematic. In the book, it reads "Our mothers had it so easy. A tad of Pond's Cold Cream, a dab of Vaseline." It also says further along in the book that Rosewater and Glycerine are really good for your skin. So I decided on a whim that I would try the more traditional skincare method of Cold Cream, and Rosewater - if it worked for our grandmothers (who have fabulous skin!), hopefully it will work for me too!

I also decided to buy a couple of clothing items from Tesco, for myself, and my son Rhys. I got a pretty spring green jumper for myself which will be lovely for the Spring/Summer seasons, and a little shirt for Rhys - I really can't wait to team his shirt with some baby skinny jeans, Converse, and a beanie hat!

So, these are the recent items from my haul - hope you've enjoyed reading, and seeing what I picked up! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Sammii-Jane x

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