Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Haircare Review: Mellor and Russell Hair Repair Mask

So, over the past couple of months, I decided that I wanted to grow my hair long. I've never had my hair long - even through school I usually kept it short, cut into a bob. Over my recent pregnancy it was shoulder-length, and now (4 month later), my hair is a lot longer and rests on my chest. Ideally I would like to grow my hair really long, and have it healthy, thick, and brown. Although this is probably incredibly unlikely to happen, I've already made recent changes to my hair, by dying it from blonde to a light chocolatey brown colour, and have been trying to get it into a much healthier condition. The ends of my hair were so dry during my pregnancy as I was just constantly too exhausted to really do anything with it, and (I'm going to be completely honest!), half the time I didn't even brush it. So I've been really trying to get it much healthier. I've also planned to just leave it to grow until the end of the year, and get it cut and styled professionally around Christmas this year. 

This was my hair probably about a month ago, and I'm finally beginning to like the length it's at, and of course it's continued to grow even longer! I'll be honest, I still don't really do a lot with my hair as it's naturally wavy and I like it that way - but my main 'hair aim' at the moment is just to improve it's condition, and make it glossy and healthy. So, the product that I've been using to achieve this is the Mellor and Russell Hair Repair Mask. 

First things first, this isn't an expensive hair product - it's sold in Poundland! I didn't even realise this at first, I ran out of conditioner while I was in the shower and pulled this old conditioner off the shelf that my mum bought ages ago, and it was this one! It just felt so silky and when I combed my hair through after I stepped out the shower, it was so much easier to style. I haven't stopped using it since, and it really has improved my hair's general health and has made it so much glossier. I actually use it in the shower as a conditioner, and then apply a little more to the ends as a leave-in conditioner before I dry it. It's repaired my ends so well, I used to have loads of split ends and I can't even notice them now, whereas before they were so damaged and obvious. My hair doesn't feel dry as it did, it now is glossy and smooth. 

I'm also going to admit that I still don't really bother to style my hair, I don't really know how to use anything hair-wise except for straighteners, but I don't like my hair poker-straight anyway - so a lot of the time, I apply this as a leave-in, comb it through, twist it around my fingers to enhance the natural curl, and then leave it to dry naturally. This is literally the only hair product that I find myself really wanting to use, time and time again! It's also the only product that I even need to use these days, as I can just use the one bottle of this, rather than a bunch of products, hair straightening cream, heat defence spray, serum, glossing oil, shine spray, etc. I can literally run this through my hair after combing when it's wet, and that is all I need to do. 

So for the price of £1, I would definitely recommend anyone to try this! I would never, ever even consider writing up a review of a product that is so cheap because personally I do prefer known-branded products, but equally I wouldn't write a review if the product wasn't as good as it is - and honestly, I wish I'd tried this sooner! 

I hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday weekend! 

Sammii-Jane x

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