Thursday, 1 May 2014

DIY: How to correctly style your eyebrows - Tutorial

Hey guys! So, as you might know, my eyebrows are the bane of my life. When I was younger I had an accident with glass and managed to cut my eyebrow open, and although they are fully healed up, they never match, and irritate me to the point of no return. This is a huge deal to me as I feel like my face never looks even, and as someone who wants to work with makeup, I feel like it's such a rookie error, and makes me look like I don't know what I'm doing. 

I've tried many things, I've had them professionally threaded, waxed, I've plucked them so that they're really thin, I've let them grow thick and natural, I've dyed them, and I've left them alone and only plucked stray hairs. Without having a hair transplant (expensive, and just, in my opinion, kinda gross), what is your next, and less drastic, option? Eyebrow stencils. I bought these from Amazon for 77p (with free P&P). You get a set of four different stencils sent to you, and you can then flip it over and use it on the other. As it's the same shape, you will never have the problem of them not matching, and as you just hold the stencil in place and colour over it, it's virtually foolproof. You can also colour over them using a strong shade, and then pluck all the uncoloured hairs to shape them correctly. I'm going to show you guys how they've turned out, using only eyebrow pencil.

My face isn't quite straight on, so it doesn't look as even as it actually is. But, that aside, I think my eyebrows turned out really well! All I did was use the stencils to pencil in the shape, and then plucked away the stray hairs. Equally, I'm really sorry my hair is a mess, my newborn was starting to wake up so I had to finish up quickly! 

So, if you have unruly brows, as I did, I would definitely recommend getting these! These eyebrow stencils are now probably my favourite way of shaping my brows. It's such a good idea, and so cheap, and with four stencils you can't really go wrong! I hope you have had a great weekend! 

Sammii-Jane x

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