Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I never do nail related posts. Like,  never. I honestly think I'm just too lazy, as I always leave mine to grow and forget about them! I've been really wanting to try a pale minty green colour though for Spring - I know it's possibly a little late in the year for this but it's still May! 

I ended up using a light spearmint blue colour, which I think is just such a gorgeous shade. It was from a pack of four polishes for £2 from Primark. When I first applied it, it was scented - you know those scented gel pens you used to have in school? Remember the grape one? It smelled like that - sweet, artificial grapes. I actually really liked this about these nail varnishes as I wasn't expecting it, so it was an added bonus - until I washed my hands and the scent disappeared! In all honesty I can't recommend the nail polish, as I didn't find it to be particularly good quality. But if you don't mind applying three coats of it for such a lovely shade, it would be fine! However I would probably recommend instead one of Topshop's own polishes, as they have such a vast range and I know they have a shade similar to this, but of much better quality!

So, I hope you liked my nails of the day! I'd be interested to see yours! Hope you're having a lovely day!

Sammii-Jane x

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