Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Review: Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation

Ok. I'll admit. This is by no means a recent product, and it's actually one I pulled out of the draw because I've used up all my most recent foundation (Rimmel's Wake me Up), and can't afford to buy a new one until Friday. I bought this ages ago on a whim, after chatting to one of the makeup artists on the counter. I asked if she had any really pale foundations to suit my skin tone, but would also not drain my skin, as most pale colours do, but also had really good coverage. I knew I was asking for a lot, but she then decided to test this on my face.

I don't really remember what I thought of it at first, but I must have liked it enough to buy it! But I do remember that I stopped using it because I felt like it made me look washed out, leaving me with this - a half empty bottle of slightly pricey foundation (£26.50 for 30ml).

I've just used it now today, and I honestly don't know why I stopped using it. This is what it looks like on my skin.

I haven't applied concealer, and I've got no other face product on. I only applied Maybelline's Baby Skin pore eraser primer (which is invisible anyway), but then I did dust Bourjois Delice de Soleil bronzer on to my cheeks. But I haven't needed any other product to cover up the flaws of my skin, neither have I had to edit this picture. I do have problem skin as well so I am so, so impressed that this does cover up all my spots. My forehead and chin are very spotty at the moment but this completely covers it, and actually makes it look quite smooth - even though it really isn't! 

This literally feels like the perfect foundation for pale skin with flawless coverage, and really does brighten your skin, too. I do really love it, and if I had the money to repurchase it, I would - I would definitely consider it an investment! When you only need the one product, instead of assorted tubes of concealer, bb cream, foundations, it is just so much quicker and easier and just seems like a godsend! 

Have you tried Benefit's Hello Flawless? What did you think of it?

Sammii-Jane x

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