Friday, 18 September 2015

Yankee Candle Gingerbread Maple Review (New for Autumn 2015)

Hello everybody! So recently I ordered two Yankee Candle Wax Tarts off Amazon, and they were about £2 each. I bought the Gingerbread Maple (new for Autumn 2015) and my all time favourite, Fluffy Towels. I just want to also mention here, the reason that I bought the tarts is because a) they're so cheap, and b) they last a blooming long time. I cut mine into quarters as my wax burner is quite small, and I've been burning a quarter portion of it every day this week and it's only half way down. The tars can probably last me a month each, they're very highly fragranced, and for such a cheap price you really can't go wrong, I really rate them!

So, as I said, Gingerbread Maple is newly released for Autumn 2015. I absolutely love gingerbread, I remember buying ten bags of gingerbread men from Tesco last Winter, and they didn't even last me two weeks (I know, that's really bad...) so when I heard Yankee were releasing a gingerbread scented candle/tart, of course I HAD to buy it. 

On first impressions, I knew what Gingerbread Maple smelled like within thirty seconds of opening the package. The tart itself is wrapped in cellophane but it's so scented you can smell it through the packaging. It's such a lovely scent, it literally smells like freshly baked gingerbread. I really like this in both my kitchen and in my living room, it works so well for both, as obviously it's quite a kitchen-y scent, and it's so warming and comforting and homely I genuinely just really really like it! It's so perfect for those cold Autumn-Winter days and evenings, where it's just a little bit chilly, so you pop on the kettle to make yourself a cup of tea, light your wax burner, put on the fire, and within five minutes you're on your sofa in your pyjamas, with your nice hot cup of tea in your warming cosy gingerbread scented living room, checking your Twitter feed, and relaxing. Oh, and don't forget the fluffy blanket!

It makes me imagine taking out a tray of hot little perfectly baked gingerbread men from a gorgeous 50's style traditional oven, using pretty pink homely 50's style oven gloves, only it takes away the effort of actually having to bake gingerbread to get the fragrance (I'm not really sure where the 50's fits in with it, I guess it's just where it's a traditional bake and I could totally see a 50's housewife baking it for her children and husband when they got home on cold winter afternoons!)  I will definitely be buying Gingerbread Maple again, I'll probably have it scenting my house until February! I've actually already placed another order for 3 more Gingerbread Maple Tarts. 

I also wanted to talk a little about Fluffy Towels. It would be rude not to! Of course Gingerbread Maple was the main topic of this post, however, Fluffy Towels is a really easy, clean, fresh scent, and where it's not as distinctive as Gingerbread Maple, it is really comforting. It's literally like the smell you get when you've just had a bath, wrap yourself in a towel, and put on fresh clean pyjamas. Or, when you change your bedsheets. It's difficult to describe, it's just a comforting, clean smell that gives me a burning desire to have fresh linen, so that this tart will fragrance it and make the whole room and everything in it smell lovely and fresh and clean. Fluffy Towels is such a staple scent for your home, it's timeless, it's perfect for every season, and it's just really pleasant and inviting! 

I really, really rate both the Yankee Tarts I bought. I genuinely really love them. I wasn't even going to do a review on them but honestly they're so amazing I had to! If, like me, you like gingerbread, I promise you, you will not be dissapointed with Gingerbread Maple, go and get it! Here is the link I used on Amazon!

I really hope you enjoyed this review, and I hope you all have an amazing Autumn season! Now, I'm off to bake some gingerbread. Adios!

Sam x

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