Friday, 11 September 2015

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Review

So, recently Tanya Burr relaunched her Cosmetics line. Might I just mention here, the way the products are presented is beautiful - the products tend to be in clear packaging to give you an accurate representation of the colour, and the lids tend to be coloured gold. I'm so happy she decided to relaunch it as the products now look such higher quality, which is brilliant because the products are so lovely!

Last week I made a trip to Derby to visit my boyfriend (note: he lives in Derby, and I live in Scotland) and while I was there I made visits to all the shops we don't have where I live, Primark, Lush, and Wagamamas, to name a few! I wanted to stock up on some basics in Primark and also get my son a new outfit for the barbecue my boyfriend's parents were hosting, and I had been dying to get some makeup from Lush! Anyway, while I was there I also popped in to the Superdrug store there. It was a much bigger Superdrug than the one in my home town of Dumfries (the Dumfries store doesn't sell ANY Tanya Burr products, which is dissapointing). So when I was finally able to get my hands on the Tanya Burr products, I decided to stock up and get a few different things to try! 

I picked up a lipgloss in the colour Berry Picking, the Perfect Brows palette, and a nail polish in the shade Fairy Godmother. I apologise for the products looking a little grubby, I took the photo on the way back home while we were in the car (my boyfriend was driving, don't worry!) but it doesn't affect the use of the products, so I'm not overly bothered by it. The brow palette was the last one on the shelves and I was going to have it!

The shades of the lipgloss and nail polish are so gorgeous! I chose the shade Berry Picking as a lip colour because since we're now in September, it will be Autumn soon enough and I ADORE berry tones in Autumn. I'm already wearing it now! As much as I don't really like taking selfies, I'm going to include one here to give you an accurate representation of the colour. I haven't edited the picture at all or applied any filters, so what you see is what you get. I only applied one layer of the lipgloss so as you can see it's pretty pigmented! As for the texture of the lipgloss, I really like it, it's not sticky or gloopy at all, it's just really smooth. I will definitely be buying this lipgloss again, I genuinely really rate it!

(Disclaimer: I'm aware a face like mine needs a filter, however to give you a true likeness of the products I'm not going to filter it. Also, I don't know WHAT my fringe thinks it's doing.)

As for the Perfect Brows palette, I'm also wearing that now in the shade Pebble. As an honest review, I do really like the brow set, however in the palette there is a highlighter, a blonde shade, a medium brown shade, and a dark brown shade. In all honesty the darker shades are obviously useless to me because I'm not going to paint thick dark brows on to my light eyebrows, so if there was one product improvement I would suggest it would be to do the brow sets in separate shades. Personally, I don't really want to spend £8 on four colours, two of which I can't use. 

That being said, I do really like the blonde shade, it's accurate, slightly ashy, and works really well on me. I do really like the highlighter (Fairy Cake) as well. This is what the brow palette looks like inside. I've found the tweezers and the brow brush are actually really good! It could do with a brow spoolie just to be able to brush your brows into place after though.

As for the nail polish, I chose Fairy Godmother as my nail polish because it was my favourite from the options available in store. It's a pale bluey-lilac and is BEAUTIFUL. I'm not currently going to review it as my nails really need redoing and I don't want to waste the polish on my nails when they're not looking as nice as they could! However I will be sorting them out next week and hopefully painting them with this polish then! 

I do really like the Tanya Burr Cosmetics that I have. I really hope I don't offend anyone. I wanted to give you all an honest review of the products and I mean none of what I say negatively, I mean it constructively! I personally think her products are beautiful, she's worked very hard on it and should be very proud of herself because it's a really great range, very good quality, and good value for money. I do like that the prices are also very reasonable, I have a lot of respect for Tanya because of that. She knows a lot of her fan base are of school age and didn't make the prices of her products extortionate or unaffordable. What an honest, admirable woman. 

I really hope you enjoyed my review!

Sam x

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