Monday, 14 September 2015

Mini Hair Product Haul

Hello everybody! So, as the weather is now getting colder, and nights are getting darker, it is gradually becoming my favourite season - Autumn! Isn't Autumn such a lovely word? It makes me think of baggy jumpers, cosy hats, berry lipsticks, cinnamon and vanilla scented candles, and Starbucks gingerbread lattes. Not to mention the gorgeous tones of orange and brown leaves falling to the ground, just ready to be crunched! 

Today, I did a mini hair product haul - hair is so not my thing. I love makeup but with hair, I do tend to get quite lazy and let it do it's own thing, but I really don't like how it looks as it tend to get quite unkempt and almost Russell-Brand like (sooo not a good look!) so I bought a few products to make my hair look nicer and also to maintain it. 

I bought the Loreal Feria Extreme Ombré hair kit, which I am trying tonight! I am super excited because I have wanted ombré hair for years and now I'm finally doing it! I came across this Hair Inspo pic recently and absolutely loved it, it looks young, fun, my hair is that kind of length anyway and I just thought it would be such lovely hair for autumn (and probably, the rest of my life). 

I also bought some Batiste Dry Shampoo in the Cherry scent, because let's face it, who can live without dry shampoo?! Such a godsend when you're a busy mother of an almost two year old! I also bought the Batiste XXL Plumping Powder. I find that this works really well with the dry shampoo, and makes your hair look clean, fresh, and really boosts your roots to make your hair look healthier and thicker! I like to turn my head upside down, massage the products into my roots and then flip my hair back. It makes it so much more voluminous!

I also bought Superdrug's own Root Boosting Spray, and Blow Dry Straightening Creme. I'm going to use these on freshly washed hair just before I blow dry it, to protect it and keep it healthy. I reckon it will also help with the frizz, which my hair is pretty prone to, especially during hat season! 

P.s. This is how my own hair turned out! Not amazing, but not too bad for a first attempt at cutting layers into my own hair and applying ombré. Let's also bear in mind I AM NOT A HAIRDRESSER!!! Personally I really like it, and for all of £7 (on the ombré kit) it will be so nice for Autumn! Now, to find a nice hat to wear with it...

I hope you've enjoyed this post! 

Sam x

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