Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Toddler Boy Clothes Haul

Hello everybody! 

So today I did yet another haul - but not for myself! Today I went clothes shopping for my son. It was his first day of nursery and while he was there I browsed the local shops along the high street, and found myself in the toddler and baby section of Debenhams! 

I love the toddler section of Debenhams, everything is so lovely! I really like the Ted Baker baby clothes as well, they're so adorable! While I was there I did buy quite a lot of things actually... However, I just want to say also that is specifically for Christmas, he will be in the 18 months toddler/baby clothes by then so pretty much everything is in that size, and they're also all from the BlueZoo range. They were also all in the sale so I didn't actually spend as much as it looks! 

At the very back is a green rain mac with blue stripes going horizontally across it. It's got a lovely fleecy blue lining which is soft and warm, and on the hood it has blue little dinosaur spikes coming up which looks super cute! This was a steal at only £13 and I have to say it's probably my favourite out of everything I bought, I absolutely love it! 

I also got him two pairs of shoes. I was in Clarks earlier and was debating whether to buy him a £24 pair of trainers, but I'm so glad I didn't. These were both size 5 which will also be his next size up, the brown pair are actually trainer/brogues and were £7, and the navy pair were only £4. I also got him three pair of Christmas socks for £3.50 (I was so excited to see they had these out already!) and two pairs of gloves for £3.

I also bought Rhys two t-shirts. Peppa and George Pig are his absolute favourite, so I bought him the George Pig t shirt for £5, and the Superman one was £3.30. I bought the Santas Little Helper long sleeve t shirt for him to wear on Christmas Day, and that was £6, and the green long sleeve jumper at the end was £8. 

I also bought him the little bubble gun and bubble mixture for (I think) £4.50 together, and that was everything I got from Debenhams! 

The pair of jeans were £4 in Tesco, and I also bought him a little pyjama set with a boat print on them for £4 too. There is a George Pig pyjama set just underneath which I bought him for another £4 from B&M. 

I then traipsed down to Waterstones as well, as I've been wanting to get Rhys some books for Christmas too. I found the Charlie and Lola book set, which is five thin hardback books, with an audio CD, for £12, which I know he will absolutely love because he loves Charlie and Lola! And that is everything I bought for him today!

I absolutely love everything I've bought for him. I've also been saving this lovely traditional wicker hamper as well which I've filled with his new clothes, as I was given it initially as a gift filled with baby clothes from my friends when I was pregnant! So I think it's really lovely to be able to reuse something sentimental. 

Now, I think I'm mostly done with Rhys's Christmas shopping. I don't want to spend too much, and I've got a lot of people to buy for, so I think I'm just going to buy Rhys a pair of wellies (for when it snows - which it will, we live in Scotland!), another pair of jeans, some Peppa Pig DVD's and a George Pig dinosaur toy, and as his main present, a toddler trampoline. He loves jumping on the bed (he's really cheeky!) so to save the springs I reckon a toddler trampoline might be better! 

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? We're only fifteen weeks away! I know thats plenty of time but I was so unprepared last year, I really want to have completely finished my Christmas shopping by the end of November (which, at this rate, I'll have finished long before then!)

Lots of love,

Sam x

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