Thursday, 24 September 2015

Gifts from London

Hello Everybody! 

So, normally I wouldn't do a blog post on gifts I've recieved, as obviously no one wants to brag or anything like that, but it is just a few little bits and I just wanted to share with you what I've got. 

My mum went to London this past weekend for her wedding anniversary with my stepdad. They've been married nine years and wanted to get away for a weekend. While they were there they visited some nice restaurants and my mum got to do a little bit of shopping, and while she was shopping, she went into Primark and picked up some Christmas presents for my son Rhys, and she also got a few little bits for me from other places!

I hadn't expected anything so it was really sweet that she had got me a few bits! I've been wanting to see Pitch Perfect 2 for ages now but just haven't had the time to see it in cinemas, so she bought me the DVD which I will be watching later tonight! This will also seem like a weird one, she bought me three packs of Korean spicy noodles. You can get these anywhere in London, but where we live in Scotland they're virtually non-existent. I think they're kimchi flavour and I really love oriental noodles and Korean food, I love sushi, kimpap, noodle soups, tofu, and I used to eat these a lot when I lived in London so I was really happy to see these! They're like a food you can only get in your hometown so when you do get them, they taste as good as they did the first time. I love them! 

My mum also knew that I've been after Lush's Karma fragrance for a while. I remember smelling it while I was on my trip to Derby, and I really liked it but I put it back down as I already had quite a full basket! I didn't want to go too crazy in store and I thought I'd be able to buy the fragrance online but when I checked their website the fragrance was out of stock! So I was really impressed that she'd remembered and I think the scent is so unique and cool. It's not floral in any way, it's not your usual perfume, Lush describes it as, 'Hip, heady, and bohemian,' and it really is, to me it sort of smells like some spicy vintage 60's cologne and I just really like it! It's so original and different. 

Personally I think my mum did really well, especially as I wasn't expecting her to get me anything at all, and she actually got me things she knew I wanted! We are really close though, and no one knows you better than your mum, do they?! What a doll she is.

Lots of love,

Sam x

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