Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Blackberry Picking!

So, today my boyfriend, my son, and I, went out on a country walk along a local railway path, to pick some blackberries. I noticed them on my walk last week and knew that they'd be ripe enough for fruit picking by now, so we did! We got absolutely loads! It was so much fun as the weather was so beautiful and hot. Along the railway path there is also a nice lady who has ducks and chickens and let's them roam free during the day, and she leaves corn out for them. She's the only person I will buy eggs from as you can see the ducks and chickens are perfectly happy and healthy. She was also selling bags of potatoes today so we picked those up too. 

We were out for around two hours, and only spent £2.50 total on the eggs and potatoes. The blackberry picketing was free as it was a public local footpath! 

Today was such a good day and I really enjoyed it! 

Hope you guys have had an equally amazing day!

Sam x

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