Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My College Interview Makeup Look

So, I had my college interview recently, for the Cosmetic Makeup course I applied for - I got offered a place! I thought I would show you guys the makeup look I went for, for this occasion. I wanted to create a really flawless base for my skin, which was fairly easy to do just with BB cream, and concealer, as my skin is in relatively good condition. I then used an angled eye brush and a dark brown eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows. I kept my eyelids bare, but outlined my eyes using my Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, and winged it out a little at the outer corners, before finishing my eye makeup with two coats of mascara. I then used bronzer to contour my cheeks, applied some blush for a pop of colour, and a little highlighter to both my brows and cheekbones, before setting my face makeup with my Sleek Luminating Face Powder. I then glossed my lips using a Lancome Paris Juicy Tube (in the shade Fraise), before going over with a Rimmel Colour Rush lip pen (in the shade Rumor has It), to finish the look. This is how my makeup went. It actually looked really good, but because of the lighting this doesn't show the look to it's full potential!

I think it's interesting to see how people do their makeup for formal events such as this. I was apprehensive to apply false lashes as I thought they might be a little too much for an interview, but I was keen to show I could apply makeup, and I was also meeting my friend for a drink after, so I just went for it anyway! Luckily, I met all the requirements for the course, and as my interviewer had such a friendly personality, we even chatted about my son Rhys! 

As for my course, I'm excited for it so I thought I would tell you a little bit about it! I get to learn skin care, how to apply makeup for day time, evening, and also bridal. I will learn everything in a professional salon (which I got to see - it's huge!), and this course is the foundation course for both Makeup Counter Sales work, and as a Makeup Artist. Dermalogica are sponsors for the beauty department of my college, so I get to start by using all their skincare products. I was also told that bridal and catwalk work can make a lot of money, and also that London Fashion Week hire A LOT of makeup artists for the shows - exciting! I also have an induction next month where I get to meet other people on my course, and purchase the uniform, kit, and books. The course is graded on case studies of applying makeup to models, and explainng why you chose the certain makeup you did, maybe it enhanced her cheekbones, or the colour eyeshadow you chose suited her skin tone, etc. It's also graded on multiple choice questions. The course just sounds so amazing for me! By this time next year, I'm hoping to be a qualified makeup artist, with a decent CV, and portfolio. I'm also going to work on getting my professional MUA kit together. The College Kit is made up of fairly cheap brands which, to be honest, no one paying for a professional service wants these kinds of products used on their skin, so I will be saving any money I get, and Christmas/Birthday presents etc, to buy reputable branded products, MAC foundations, Blushes, Lipsticks, Bobbi Brown brushes, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, as these are all typical products used in professional MUA kits. 

I suppose progression-wise, I would like to work as a freelance makeup artist initially, as I have a young son I will need fairly flexible hours. I would also LOVE to work at LFW, so I do want to keep myself available for that. Then, when Rhys starts school, Counter Sales would be ideal as I would still like to be in the local area, but also still get evenings and weekends with him. 

So, this is where I want to take my career and education. I can't wait to be working in an industry I love, and can't wait to see what the future brings for myself and my son! 

Sammii-Jane x

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