Saturday, 7 June 2014

Facial Beauty Oils

Products that are so important, yet underrated, are facial oils. No one seems to really know much about them, and because of that are reluctant to try them - so I thought in today's post, I would talk about them. Facial oils are so, so, incredible. They've really managed to fix my problem skin, and I really cannot rate them highly enough. The reason I want to make people more aware of them is because my skin was just so bad, and I strongly believe they can work for anyone else suffering with bad skin.

I know I reference from this book ('21st Century Beauty Bible'), a lot, but the information in it is so important it just has to be shared! I really wouldn't think it to be fair for me to hoard information on this subject when it could really help someone! Page 80, if you have it, reads the following.
'Many women shy away from using facial oils because they believe they'll leave their skin looking like an oil slick: greasy, shiny, messy. But in reality, facial oils are absorbed very quickly, allowing their active ingredients to get to work, delivering intensive skincare benefits. 
In truth, they're better for night-time skincare than under day-time makeup - so why not try facial oils to maximise your 'beauty sleep', in place of your usual night cream? (Even once or twice a week, if not every single night, can make a difference.)'

I have been using Glycerin and Rosewater for the past month now, and I'm never looking back on it. This is oil based, with Rosehip oil being a natural, anti-bacterial skin healer. Glycerin and rosewater together is very clean, very moisturising, and naturally smells of roses! Before I used this, my skin was so problematic, red, raw, spotty, dry, oily, it was horrible. It genuinely hurt to touch. But now, it's soft, it's generally quite clear, and this has exceeded my hopes and expectations for what my skin could look like. I use this by drenching it onto a cotton wool pad and wiping it all over my face, at least twice a day, in the morning and at night, but also whenever my skin just feels slightly sweaty/tired/dirty. It just wakes your skin up, as well as clearing it, and gives you such a beautiful glow. It also has managed to calm all my redness, and this is genuinely my number one beauty product. If I could only own one beauty product, this would be it. 
Equally, facial oils are usually pure plant extract which are so good for your skin, and work for every skin type. Even oily ones - my skin is combination oily/dry and it's definitely worked for me. As well as improving your complexion, they also improve your mood. As they relieve your skin, the scents of the oil also work on relieving your stress levels, promoting a calm frame of mind. I also really like to have a scented oil burner while I'm in a hot bath, as it really does help me to de-stress, and I come out feeling so much better every time. 

Rosehip Oil is definitely something I want to try! The Glycerin and Rosewater I'm using right now is amazing, but does seem to contain a lot of additives, and it would be better to try something purer. The purer the product, the better it will work. Rosehip Oil is quickly and easily absorbed into your skin, and improves skin rejuvenation (thanks to Vitamin A), which makes skin glow and appear fresh and soft. Another benefit is pigment reduction (due to Vitamin C). It also improves your complexion by cleansing and moisturising, and also allows mess-free moisture retention. Rosehip oil has a light and smooth texture, making it unlikely to clog pores. In other words, it is such a cult beauty product, as it keeps your skin hydrated without bring greasy, makes it look and feel healthy and supple, is incredibly nourishing, and is also an anti-bacterial skin healer, which clears up problem skin in no time.

Argan Oil is not just for hair, but also to help restore a youthful glow into tired skin. This oil is incredibly high in the antioxidant Vitamin E, which protects and repairs skin cells. Clinical studies have also revealed that argan speeds up wound-healing, skin cell stimulation, and regeneration. It smooths the skin and works wonders for any slightly older women. 

Borage Seed Oil is particularly good for dry, flaky skin. It has also been confirmed that a daily dose of GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid) in the form of either borage seed oil, or evening primrose oil, calms inflamed skin. Herbalists have long used borage for sore or inflamed skin, even including eczema. Studies have shown that skin creams containing this ingredient have dramatically decreased skin roughness, and water loss through the skin. 

Avocado Oil is especially good for more mature skins. It is very moisturising, and high in plant sterols, which may help to reduce age spots, and to heal sun damage and scars. It also works very well for sensitive skin, including eczema and psoriasis. Avocados also contain Vitamin E, and chlorophyll, which is can help to regenerate skin cells.

Sweet Almond Oil is very mild and non-irritating, so is perfect for sensitive skins. It is also recommended by natural health professionals for people with pimples and acne, as it is lightweight and non-comedogenic, so it doesn't clog pores. It's also really good for improving lustre and gloss in your hair, and also can be used neat for strengthening nails. It can be used for so many different purposes, and is such a versatile beauty oil.

These are just a few skincare oils, but there are so many beauty oils on the market there is at least one to suit every skin type! To highlight the benefits of any facial oil, they are all natural, which means irritant free, they are cleansing, usually very good skin healers, incredibly nourishing, moisturising, and won't clog pores, as well as improving the elasticity within your skin and improving your complexion, plus can be used on problem dry/oily/acne skin. You can buy these organic oils from health food supermarkets such as Holland and Barretts, as well as stores like Boots, and Superdrug, selling the commercial branded versions. Beauty brands like Liz Earle, Clarins, and Bobbi Brown, use natural oils in most of their skincare products. So, I hope that you're having a lovely day, and are equally interested in trying facial beauty oils - I promise you they will make such an improvement to your skin, you will never look back! 

Sammii-Jane x

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