Thursday, 24 April 2014

Skin care reviews - Clean and Clear, and Clinique Anti-blemish set

Hey guys! So, I have been meaning to write up my skin care reviews for a while now, but only now am I comfortable enough to show off my skin, completely makeup free, and unedited! I am very self conscious about it, as during my pregnancy my hormones went crazy and my skin became very red and inflamed. I know my skin is still a bit blemishy, but it is so much better compared to how it used to be!

The picture on the left is how my skin used to look - I know a lot of people say that it wasn't so bad, but to me it was horrible, I was constantly upset with how I looked and was trying various things to fix it, diets, drinking lots of water, using a lot of tea tree products, different skin care brands, and the two brands that I am going to review are Clean and Clear as my budget brand, and Clinique as my high-end brand. 

I firstly used Clean and Clear as I was apprehensive to shell out too much on Clinique products. Clean and Clear products are sold at around £2.50 individually from Boots and Superdrug. I bought the Dual action moisturiser, the Advantage daily scrub, and the Cleansing lotion (not pictured). I used these three products twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night. The Cleansing lotion smelt, and felt, very alcoholic, and had a stinging sensation when I applied it, and although I used these products for a month, the Cleansing lotion was far too harsh for my skin, and reddened it even more, and definitely made it worse. So I stopped using it every day, and am now using it every other day instead, which works a lot better for my skin. The Daily scrub, was also far too harsh and scratchy for my skin, and made it impossible for my skin to heal as it was just scratching it off. The Dual action moisturiser is the only product from the range that I do still currently use, as I do find it to be a really decent anti-blemish moisturiser. It has a light cooling sensation when applied to your skin, and I just feel really fresh faced, and clean when I use it.

The Clinique Anti-blemish set (£25), is a product I am absolutely in love with! I have been using this for over the past month, and still have loads of the foaming cleanser left, even though I've been using it twice a day! I would definitely re-purchase the foaming cleanser, it is so good, and because it's fragrance and irritant free it's really calming on your skin. 
The cleansing lotion is also really good, it's less harsh than the Clean and Clear cleansing lotion, and was also much kinder for my skin. I have oily skin, and this lotion contains talcum powder, which is mattifying, and works really, really, well. I would say the Clinique cleansing lotion feels clinically clean, but doesn't sting, or hurt your skin. I'm unsure about re-purchasing the product, but that is purely because of the price, as ideally I would like to find something cheaper. But if money isn't a worry for you, then this is definitely a great set to try!
The moisturiser, however, is a big miss for me - it was so drying and not at all moisturising! I think it still is a really great set though, because that is the only negative I experienced, but it still did clear up my skin!

So, from both brands, I still conjunctivley use the Clean and Clear Dual action moisturiser, and the Clinique foaming cleanser. I would still like to find a cheaper cleansing lotion, but as the Clinique one does actually work for me I'm apprehensive to change up my skin care routine. I personally think the combination of these products have cleared up my skin so much - and I can now leave my house with just BB cream on my face, and I'm not afraid to answer the door makeup free to the postman anymore either! I used to have to get up before everyone else in the morning to apply a full face of heavy makeup, and I don't need to anymore, and I feel so much happier and more comfortable with myself! 

So, I hope that if you guys have been having skin care problems, that you find something that does work for you really soon, and if you're not having skin care problems, that your skin stays that way! Hope you guys have a great weekend!
Sammii-Jane x

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