Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mini Spring haul!

Hey guys! My goodness the weather has been crazy today, hasn't it?! Sunny one minute, raining the next! And unfortunately for me, I went out shopping today in only a one-layer chiffon lightweight kimono - I got soaked and it was freezing! Luckily Elijah was kept snug in his little blanket, and slept through most of the weather anyway! 

Here was today's shopping look! I got this kimono-style jacket from Tesco for £14. I know a lot of people dislike supermarket brand clothing, and generally I do too, but the element that I do like about it is that you can actually get some really nice things, but because it's not widely searched in for clothes, no one ever has the same things you do - and people do ask where I got them from! A lady stopped me in the street today and asked after my kimono jacket!

For today's haul, I've been really wanting to get a few nice tops and makeup to wear for this beautiful Spring weather! Spring might actually have to be one of my favourite seasons - I love the blue sky, cherry blossoms blooming on trees, daffodils opening up, and the green, green grass! So, to celebrate, I got these tops from Primark, which were £6 each. I'm really tired of always wearing black (after my pregnancy, the only clothes I ever seem able to find are always black) and I really wanted some tops with colour. I know one of the tops pictured is black, but it does have large white and pink daisies! 

I also bought a new small candle jar for my window as Primark were selling them for only £1! In hindsight I should have bought more! I think candles make a room look so much more cosy and inviting, and I'm really keen to make a nice family home for Elijah! 

Makeup-wise... Of course I went into Boots! I'm having a real love for the Real Techniques makeup brushes, and I do plan to buy a new brush/set every month to build up my collection, if I can afford it. I got the Retractable Bronzing brush last month, and today I bought the Expert Face brush. It's so soft and seems like such a good makeup brush, and, lets be honest, it does seem like THE brush to have at the moment. You can use it for powders and foundations and gives a flawless finish. I think you could also maybe use it as a stippling brush, I want to try using it for my new Benefit Posietint cheek stain.
Boots were also doing a special offer on these Benefit products, £9.95 for three sample products: the Porefessional, Posietint, and Bad Gal mascara. I've been wanting to try these products for a while. I've used the Porefessional before and it's my favourite primer as it's tinted, so it blurs your imperfections and pores, whereas with a clear primer you can still see through it. The Posietint is a paler pink, where Lollitint is a stronger shade. The Bad Gal mascara will be interesting to try too, as I do love a good mascara! I can't wait to try this makeup look together, because on a good skin day it could potentially be a full set, as the Porefessional will smooth your skin tone, the Posietint is a stain that can be used on both your cheeks and lips, and the mascara will give your eyes subtle definition. This will be a very light makeup look, but I do really love natural, fuss free makeup. As long as my skin looks clear, my eyebrows are defined, and my nails are neat, I'm perfectly comfortable to just go out wearing only mascara and lip balm. I do have to use a tinted caffeine roll-on to cover the dark circles under my eyes too though, but I generally do wear a very light cover of makeup on a day-to-day basis as a new mum! I'd love to do more with my hair, but I barely have time for my face (as you can see!...)

So, these are the few little bits that I got today, as well as a truck load of more baby supplies! Elijah goes through baby milk like anything, and I'm always losing his dummies and burp cloths! It is so hectic as a new parent but I wouldn't change it for the world! I hope you guys are having a great week, 
Sammii-Jane x


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