Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My Weight Loss Journey 2015

Hello Everybody!

Recently, I've started up a healthy exercise and diet regime. In the past four-ish months, I've lost 14lb in weight, which I am pretty happy with. I was a size 12, and now I'm a small 10/large 8, if that makes sense? Anyway, so now I feel a lot better, and healthier, and I'm happy to be physically doing something productive like exercise, as for me it really does benefit my moods, I always feel so positive after a run, and healthier when I make good conscious decisions about what I eat. Also just to give you a rough idea of the weight difference, I started off at 10st, and I'm currently 8st, 13lb.

This was me (and Rhys) back in April for his birthday. This was my size 12 stage.

This is me now, in my size 8-10 stage. I am wearing a Waist Trainer, and to anybody else losing weight I recommend them highly because they're amazing. They make your figure so much more streamlined and flattering. I've never in my life done an underwear photo, but for the purpose of this post I mustered up the courage! I feel so much better about myself now. I do still have a slight baby belly as I've not done toning exercises as I hate them, but I might start that soon. 

As for exercise, I've been taking my dog on two runs a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, I take Rhys out on a walk in his pushchair daily, like if I'm running errands, or need to do a food shop, or taking him to soft play, or the park. I also do ten minutes on my mini trampoline in the morning, and again in the evening, and I've started up (since last week) doing weights too. It sounds like a lot, and it might be, but I don't find it that hard to do as I do different exercises for short periods of time so it's easy to fit them in to my day.

My kind of exercise - I love my mini trampoline, I really do, because it's a fun exercise and that's what makes me want to do it, and keep doing it.

I never take my phone out with me when I run so I don't have pictures of that, but here is the view on a good day, which is pretty motivating!

And here are my new weights 😘😘

As for food, I do sometimes still eat carbs, but not half as much as I do now. I swap my usual carb portion for meals for a big portion of boiled vegetables to bulk it out, like instead of having fish and chips, I'll have baked salmon and broccoli. I also do boiled eggs and broccoli a lot, fresh vegetable soups, chicken salad wraps, and for sweet treats I like to have honeydew melon. Melon contains a lot of water and it's so so so good for you, and so delicious, it's literally my favourite food. I do occasionally have the odd cheat day, like yesterday I was out, so I had a Greggs Sausage Roll, and Chocolate Cookie for lunch, and when I got home I also had a Cadbury Chocolate Pudding 🙊🙊 But today I've been out doing errands so I've been walking around a lot, I've done my running, and trampolining this morning so I feel like I've burned it off, so I do have cheat days but I bounce straight back to eating healthily the next day.

These are my kind of meals!

Salmon and broccoli!

Boiled eggs and broccoli! This is one of my favourite five minute meals. I just boil the eggs and broccoli in the same pan for four minutes.

Chicken salad wraps...

And fruity breakfast smoothies!

For me, my personal motivation is that I see the results so I know it's working for me and I feel healthier for it. It's not been so hard for me to lose weight and I know that I've been incredibly lucky with that as it's not so easy for other people, but I'm literally sharing my weight loss journey with you as I blogged about starting it a while ago, but haven't yet done any updates. 

I hope you've found this interesting, and I hope you don't mind my selfie, I didn't want it to seem innapropriate but I did want to show you what I've been using to aid my figure, and I'm sorry if it offended anyone.

Lots of Love,

Sam x

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