Sunday, 6 December 2015

MASSIVE Fitness Haul Winter 2015!

Hello Everybody!

Recently I've done a bit of a fitness haul. As you might know, I've been getting really into fitness of late, I eat healthily, I use my mini trampoline each day, and I've also started taking my dog out for a run twice a day. Prior to these past couple of months, I've not done proper exercise in years, so I feel so much healthier and more positive for what I am doing now. 

Also prior to these past couple of months, I've genuinely not owned any fitness equipment/clothing whatsoever, so that's why I've done a fitness haul as I've been really needing some new bits. You just don't go for a run in jeans!

The first thing I picked up was a pair of geometric printed black, white, and pink leggings. They have a sort of mesh black part on the calves which I think is that material that makes it more aerodynamic/helps skin to breathe (as you can see I have no idea what I'm talking about, and really should have read the label!), and I also bought a pink long sleeve top as it was really flattering and looked really cute with the leggings. I paid £15 for both items, the leggings were £10, and the top was £5, and they were from Tesco. I've been eyeing up a similar outfit on Fabletics that was over £50 so I'm very happy with what I paid for mine! When I exercise I like to cover up, but I still want to look feminine. 

I also bought myself some more new exercise clothes from Primark as I could do with more than one set of fitness wear! 

I bought a pair of full length black leggings, and a pair of cropped black leggings with cute pink sides at the bottom.

I also bought a loose long sleeved grey slouchy top, a black workout vest, and a pink crop top.

I also bought another pair of my favourite pyjamas! I wear these all the time and they're so light and comfortable.

I also went to River Island, where I bought this really cool black vest top. This was £18. 

I also went to Hollister (about a month ago, now) where I bought this jumper. As you can see I've already worn it a few times but this was £45.

I also bought a cute sparkly water bottle to take out with me when I exercise! This was £2.49 from B&M Homestores.

My mum also bought me these trainers recently, I'm not really sure where they were from as they were an early Christmas present!

I was also treated to a new pair of white leather Converse from my dad as another Christmas present. Mine were £55 from JD Sports. They're so gorgeous, I love these so much. I did initially ask for these for my Christmas present before my mum gave me the black and pink trainers, but I've been wearing those out currently as I don't want to ruin my Converse with the bad weather!

Another early Christmas present, was my fitness trampoline! I asked for this from my dad, but as he was visiting last month he bought our Christmas presents then so we all knew what we were getting! Mine is the 66 fit mini trampoline from Amazon and was £16.

I've also bought myself two York 2kg Fitbells from Tesco, and these were £5 each. I thought these would be really good to start off with as they're slightly heavier than I would like, but that's good as it means they will also give me a little push to help me get more comfortable wth heavier weights, so I think they're a great beginners weight!

So this was my (possibly slightly excessive) fitness and exercise haul, I hope you guys have enjoyed having a look at what I got! 

Lots of Love,

Sam x

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