Friday, 11 December 2015

A Chitty Chat Post Explaining Juice Plus!

Hello Everybody!

Today, I'm in a really good mood!

This morning, I had my heating fixed (it's been broken for these past couple of months and has been absolute HELL this winter), so I'm currently sitting in a nice toasty flat, with a blanket and a hot drink, and my son cuddled up next to me watching Peppa Pig. Bliss. So I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about my latest endeavour!

I got a new job! (Well, sort of). I'm now a Juice Plus Distributor, and firstly, I want to tell you a little bit about it. They're a health supplement that come in the form of capsules, shakes, bars, and soups. In this post I want to tell you all about the product, as I know a lot of people who have seen posts, but don't really understand it, or wanted to know more. I've wanted to try them myself for ages and ages and ages, but just never really got round to taking the plunge! But now, I've signed up to be a Distributor, and I've made my first order! I've personally bought some chocolate and strawberry bars as they're packed with nutrients and will help my late night sweet cravings! The Juice Plus capsules contain an insane mix of 26 fruit and vegetables!

There have been so so so many success stories, I've known girls to use it and have lost so much weight, and they look and feel so much healthier! There have been success stories where girls have been taking it and lost their bloated tummies in as little as month! I'm genuinely so excited to use Juice Plus myself, and I can't wait for more of you to be using it too! I have been following a few of my friends who are Juice Plus Distributors through social media for a while now, as I love seeing their progress, and how the product has worked for them, and the products that they're loving. I can already tell it's an amazing product, and I can't wait for people to try it!

I eat really, really well during the day but then in the evening I tend to cave a little. For example, for breakfast I'll have a fruit smoothie, made with two bananas, a few spoonfuls of natural yoghurt, and some fruit juice, all blended. For lunch I'll usually have a vegetable soup, and for dinner I'll usually have some baked fish, broccoli, and green beans. I don't drink Coke anymore as it makes me feel really bloated and heavy, so instead I'll have water, or fruit squash. But then it gets to the evening, and I get a bit peckish, and sometimes I'll be good and have melon or grapes, but I also sometimes have three chocolate bars, four bags of crisps, a couple of slices of bread, a horse, and the kitchen sink. And let me tell you, that it really doesn't help with maintaining weight loss!

My latest blog post was concerning my 14lb weight loss (and it's been viewed by over 100 of you, so thank you so much for taking a look!) and I also told you how I did it, and throughout the duration of my diet, I didn't use supplements to aid me. I used two weeks worth of fat burning pills, and although I didn't maintain taking those, they helped with the initial weight loss, I think. But other than that, my weight loss was all down to making healthy decisions regarding what I ate, and getting enough exercise. Now I'm 14lb lighter and I feel so, so much happier for it.

On the left is a picture back in April when I was a large size 12, weighing 10st. On the right is me now, a size 8 and weighing 8st, 13lb.

 I'm over the moon with my personal weight loss, it's been a huge achievement for me, but now I really want to maintain it, instead of snacking on junk food every evening. I thought that, if I didn't do something about it soon, my weight would creep up again and I really don't want that to happen. 

I feel really great about signing up with Juice Plus. I feel like it's an amazing job opportunity, it's an amazing product which I am really enthusiastic about, it's going to help me with my personal weight goals, it gives me something positive and productive to do, I can help other people with their weight loss journeys, I've met an amazing team of girls distributing it, and I get to work from home, so I still get to look after my little boy while I do it.

Juice Plus is not only for weight loss, it's primarily a health supplement, though it aids weight loss, good health, nice skin, hair, and nails. It's also not only for women, men use it too to aid their general health, weight loss, and skin conditions! They're also really good for a protein and vitamin boost! You can also make your own creations from the products, here is a recipe I've seen that looks divine!

The prices are as follows:

I've seen so many results from the budget busters alone! For as little as £20.50 a month I think it's so important to invest a small amount into your health. I can't wait for my order to come through! These are the packages, of capsules, shakes, or both, but there are also chocolate bars (what I ordered for when I need a chocolate fix), and there are also vegetable soups available from the 15th December, which I will also be ordering! They'd be perfect for when you want something hot, but still want it too be easy to make, and full of nutrients. The vegetable soups are also vegan when made with a vegan milk alternative.

Here are a few screenshots of the Juice Plus success stories I've seen!

Please feel free to visit the Juice Plus website, or see the product list above, and if there's anything you'd like, contact me to place your order! I am SammiMartin4 on Twitter, Sammi Martin on Facebook, and my email is I also offer one on one support with any purchase, I would love to help you all on your Juice Plus journeys too!

Thank you for taking a look, and I hope to see you again really soon!

Lots of Love, 

Sam x

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