Thursday, 20 August 2015

What I eat as a Vegan

As mentioned in my previous post, I love being vegan. I personally enjoy my food much more now as I feel like I'm eating cleaner products rather than animal products, however, I am also completely accepting that not everybody agrees with my life choices. In today's post, I wanted to share with you the kind of food I typically eat on a vegan diet.
For breakfasts, I typically like doing either porridge oats, or having fresh fruit like bananas and mangoes, and orange juice.

For lunches, I've eaten a lot of salad, rice, baked sweet potatoes, vegetable rice, and soups (tomato and paprika, or spiced carrot soup) with homemade flatbreads. My favourite lunch to date has been cous cous with olives and sun dried tomatoes, with vegan soya cheese grated on top. I also tend to serve my lunches with either a glass of water or juice, and a bowl of fruit or more salad on the side.

For dinners (lunch and dinners are pretty interchangeable to be honest) I like to do tomato and spinach vegan pasta, or bean tacos, or veggie curries. I'm also looking to do a lentil and bean burger recipe soon (which I'll probably serve in flatbreads as my boyfriend and I reaaaally like them!) and I also want to try marinated portobello mushroom steaks with mash and salad. I tend to do soups a lot as well. 

For snacks, I really like the Alpro Soya Chocolate pots. I also like nuts, fruit, twiglets, we have yellow melon a lot, carrot sticks, more flatbread, and homemade hummus. I'm also having chips at the moment, with mint sauce as I really love mint sauce (I will have it on just about anything!) 

I absolutely love the vegan diet, a lot more than I thought I ever would. But I suppose my only issue with it (it's not really even an issue, just a minor con) is that for me at least, it takes a lot of food prep, as I do a lot of homemade meals. Equally I can never find vegan flatbreads or hummus that I like so I have to make those up too. My boyfriend also wants me to make a vegan chocolate cake recipe so that we can have cake again. I've promised him I'll make a vegan apple pie as I'm sure that can't be too hard! 

Anyway, I will post recipes of the best vegan food as I come across it (my homemade hummus recipe is literally the best I've ever tried!) as well as the flatbread recipe, and whatever else works!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, 

Sam x

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