Friday, 28 August 2015

My Capsule Wardrobe

Recently, I had a clear out. There was one day, a couple of weeks ago, where I had to do five loads of my own washing before I could even get to my son's. Enough was enough, I thought, as I decided to throw out more than half of my wardrobe. 

Gone were the tasteless frumpy 'mum' jumpers, as were the particularly skinny dresses meant for more a size six, than my post-pregnancy size ten figure. I also got rid of all the clothes that I don't wear anymore - like all my old T-shirts (let's face it, when were T-shirts ever flattering?! I've never been a T-shirt person, but at least I can say I tried). 

Seven carrier bags later, I managed to sift through enough clothes to actually find a few gems. 

Ta-da! Here's my capsule wardrobe. Granted, I know it doesn't look like much, but there is more to it than what you see! 

Feel free to read on, and hold on to that little bit of faith you have - I promise you, it's not that bad!

Beige Suit Blazer
I love blazers. They're so lovely and smart and fitted and can smarten up almost anything. I really like a feminine, smart casual look, and this is perfect.

Sleeveless Denim Jacket
I bought my French Connection jacket a few years ago for around £160, I believe. I wore it all the time initially, but for the last couple of years I stopped wearing it. A couple of months ago I found it neglected at the bottom of a draw and decided to revamp it for Summer. I cut off the sleeves, applied an acid effect dye (via the washing machine) and have never looked back. Now I love it again! 

Fitted Black Top
This black top is very fitted and has cut out sides with a dark mesh. It's perfect for evening, slightly revealing and sexy, but covers what you need to. 

Ruffled Navy Top
This is made from cotton with lovely chiffon ruffles. It can look great for day time and be dressed up for evening time.

Laser Cut White Blouse
Next, is my laser cut white blouse, which actually is from Next (no pun intended). I love wearing this with a flesh colour camisole underneath and a pair of my favourite skinny jeans. It can be casual, smart, feminine and classy, which is exactly what I look for in an item of clothing. 

White Baggy Jumper
This is a 3/4 length sleeve and has an open back, and a draping front. Again, it can be made to look casual for daytime, or is a nice light cover-up for evening. I bought this from River Island.

Beige Baggy Jumper
I bought this baggy jumper also from River Island and I wear it so much. It's my favourite, it's really comfortable, light, makes me feel a lot more comfortable if I'm having a fat day, and I like to wear it with a statement necklace to distract attention away from my stomach. I'm really self conscious about my tummy since having a baby, so anything that hides it is bound to make me feel a thousand times better.

Every girl needs a little black dress. I got mine from Ted Baker also a few years back for around £150. It's fitted but it's made of a stretchy cotton material so it's really comfortable too. It has a ruffled front and I like to wear it for occasions (with a pair of spanx underneath, and killer heels, of course).

Draping Skirt
I love these loose, flowy, effortlessly pretty skirts. They're great for dates, barbecues, days out, holidays... I like to wear mine with a white scallop crop top and gladiator sandals.

Fitted Jeans
I have three pairs of perfectly fitting jeans at the end. Two are blue denim, and one is wine coloured, which I like to wear in autumn and winter. 


Next, I have my shoes. I have a comfortable pair of daytime platform heeled black sandals (4"), casual black heeled boots (also 4"), and studded high heeled boots (6"). I also have a pair of classic tan Ugg boots for lazy days, and a pair of Converse.


 I only really wear one bracelet on occasions, which is my Ted Baker rose gold bracelet which I got for £60 via their website a couple of years ago (bargain!) and honestly it's the most beautiful little piece of jewellery. I adore rose gold, and I love the pretty little jewels. I'm now just waiting to find the perfect pair of earrings to go with it - if anyone knows of anything, give me a shout!


At the top, I have my Accessorize red tote bag. I like to use this to brighten up any outfit, and it was a bargain at £12.50. Just underneath I have my classic Louis Vuitton evening bag, which also holds the matching purse inside. I only really use this bag for dates and occasions. I'm a full time mum, and this bag doesn't really have room for much else to be honest! But it is really cute and I just couldn't throw it out...
Hiding away at the bottom is my fringed Guess bag. I bought this for around £170 last summer and it was very Kate Moss, boho chic, but still had Serena Van Der Woodsen class. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!

So, here is my capsule wardrobe, and I hope you guys found it helpful if you were maybe thinking of clearing out any items, or starting afresh! I must say it's actually so much easier without so many clothes now, all you need are a few reliable, well fitting basics and a few statement pieces. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Sam x

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