Sunday, 3 January 2016

Birthday Plans

Hey everybody!

So it's my birthday next week, on the 11th, so this week I'm kind of making plans in preparation for my birthday. I'm going to be 24, for those of you interested, and I'll be going out Saturday night with my cousin Jess, and her boyfriend Cameron.

This week I'm kind of going a bit crazy! I really don't want to feel boring and I've been planning to do something crazy with my hair since Christmas. As some of you may know I've had my hair dark for a while. So far, I've done two hair colour strippers to try and get it back to its normal lighter colour. I'm going to bleach it so that it's white blonde this week, and probably Thursday or Friday I'll be applying my dyes. I'm going to partition my hair into two sections, a top section and a bottom section. The top section I'm going to dye a light grey, and the bottom section I'm going to dye a pastel lilac. I'm so excited to do this with my hair as its so quirky and interesting. I'm not one to follow the crowd so it will be fun to see if it suits me! Here is some of the hair Inspo that I've seen and loved!!

I love love love all of these! I'm so excited to see how mine will turn out. I'm also hoping to get my lip pierced this week (I'm not holding out much hope as I don't have a lot of time free to get it done) but I'm going to try! I want it done as soon as possible so that it's not too sore on Saturday.

I've also bought myself a new outfit for Saturday. I'm not really feeling a little tight dress, which is what most of the girls here wear. I live in Scotland, and it's January, and we'll be going to a pub. There's no need to wear a dress! So I've opted for high waisted black skinny jeans that were £22 in New Look, and a white fringed crop top that I found also in New Look for £3. I really like this outfit as its comfortable, I don't feel like I'm trying too hard, and I can get a lot of use out of it as I can wear it in the day, too! I'm also wearing Jess's Doc Martens in this photo too, but I'm tempted to wear my own Converse for Saturday. I want to drink but I want to be comfortable! If I could drink in my onesie, I would. Seriously.

So when it comes to Saturday I will probably update you lovely lot - show you my makeup, what I eventually end up wearing, how I've done my hair, drunk selfies, the usual!

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Lots of Love,

Sam x

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