Sunday, 10 January 2016

DIY - Making a book nook

Hello Everybody!

Yesterday I had a crazy hair brained idea - and I kid you not, it actually worked!

So in my hallway in my flat I had this nasty, unused cupboard that literally looked so horrendous I never used it. However my flat is pretty small, and I need to maximise it's potential and use all of the space I do have, so yesterday I decided to makeover the cupboard into a storage spot for my books.

I am a huge lover of books, I read a lot. It's comforting that it can take you to a whole other place, time, and realm, and for me it's total escapism. I've always wanted to have a library in my house, but since I only have a diddy flat, this is close enough! 

So here are the before and after shots! I really wish the pictures were better quality but I really need a new camera!

It wasn't too hard to do. I started by taking the cupboard door off, as I wanted it to be open to display my books decoratively as well as being practical storage. I then had to apply a sort of backing wall - there were pipes, wires, holes in what was left of the previous wall, etc, so I just used a bunch of cardboard, masking tape, staples, and a staple gun, to create a slightly stronger back wall, before painting the inside of the cupboard, and the entire unit, with grey paint that I already had in my flat. 

Once it was dry, I then placed canvas paintings along the back walls just to give it more visual appeal. I started loading up my books on to the wooden shelves that were already in there. I also had these amazing pop up shelves for kitchen cupboards that I bought months ago but have never really used in my kitchen, and they were only £2 each and fitted in my book cupboard perfectly, whilst also maximising the storage potential! 

I then found a few decorative items from around my flat that fitted in with my book theme - a little heart shaped ornament that says 'home is where our story begins', and a glasses case that says 'you look spec-tacular', and where it's really cliché it's also really cute! 

I just really love how it's turned out, especially for a last minute thought! My books now have a home! I'm also so impressed that I managed to do this while costing me nothing! 

Also continuing on the book theme, today is my birthday, and one of my presents was this absolutely beautiful copy of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and is the most beautiful book I've ever owned. Jane Eyre has always been my favourite classic, I've read it every year since I was 12 and I still read it now. This is definitely my new favourite thing! It's a charcoal grey, with a shiny copper damask style print on it. It's a nice spongy leather and it's just such a lovely copy and thoughtful gift!

I hope you guys are having a lovely day! I'm off out now for my birthday lunch!

Lots of Love,

Sam x

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