Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer Clothes Haul!

Hey guys! So, today I realised that for summer, I literally have nothing to wear. I have a couple of summer print maxi skirts, and a plain vest, and that's it. I was browsing in Tesco (I know, I know, a lot of people don't really like supermarket clothing, but I personally think that Tesco generally sells quite nice things. They were doing a 50% off sale today, so I couldn't resist buying a few bits! I have been living in leggings and baggy t shirts since I found out I was pregnant (around October last year), and now that I have slimmed back down I really want to be able to wear nice pretty things! I genuinely haven't bought clothes since at least Christmas, so I thought it was about time I bought some more! 

I bought these black embellished pumps for £2, and the pink comfy sweat shirt for £5. I've always been incredibly colour shy as I have always had really pale skin, and never knew how to make the most of it without looking really tired and drained. I never found that bright colours really suited me, so to be on the safe side of my very colour-conscious self, I found this baggy vest top for £7 which is quite summery as it has lots of bright pretty colours and a bold print. The denim shorts were also £7. 

I have a wedding to go to next week, so bought this gorgeous lilac-purple dress for £12.50. It's knee-length lace and very wedding appropriate! I'm at the age of 22 now so I don't really like wearing things that are too young-looking I suppose, and this dress looks very smart and sophisticated and I love it! I also found that these heels for £10 went really well with the dress, so I bought those too! I just felt so pretty and feminine as the dress was so swishy! Since having my son Rhys I rarely get the chance to dress up so it will be really nice to be able to on Saturday!

I decided to be a little bit braver with these brighter coloured clothes, and also bought a lemon-yellow top with slight embellishment on the neckline, a coral coloured top with a lacy back, and a pair of dark blue jeggings. I am so, so excited to wear these colour tops as I've never in my life worn anything with as much colour to them. I've always been so pale that colours like yellow, coral, and aqua have always been a no-go. But I've started tanning recently, so now that my skin is slightly darker I can wear brighter, bolder colours without looking incredibly drained and washed out! 

I also bought some tanning mousse and a new mitt, as I will definitely be needing it to be able to wear the clothes I purchased! 

So these are the few bits that I've bought, I really hope you've had a weekend as lovely as I have! 

Sammii-Jane x

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