Thursday, 5 November 2015

Fitness Related Christmas Wishlist 2015

Hello Everybody!

So, recently I blogged about starting a new smoothies and soups diet. I'm not going to lie to you, I never want to lie on here, that didn't really work very well for me. I didn't even last a day. However, I started my task of losing weight sort of around April last year. I saw a picture of myself at my sons birthday and I felt like I looked huge. After that, I made much more health conscious decisions regarding what I ate, and I've only been doing that subconsciously these past five months. However, on my recent weigh in (October 31st 2015), I've discovered that I've lost 12lb in that time frame! I'm actually really happy with that as I know I haven't been trying that hard to lose weight, I've just been eating healthier but I haven't really been exercising much. 

However, in the new year I really want to change that too, which is why I've composed a Fitness Related Christmas Wish List! I've seriously caught the health and fitness bug these past couple of weeks and I really want to keep it up, as I always feel so much better about myself when I exercise!

The first thing I really like is this Fabletics Toucan Outfit. I like that it's really unique, yet it's not boring. I really like exercise clothes that cover me up yet still look flattering so I think that this is the kind of thing I'd love to exercise in and still feel like I look nice. This outfit is £31 with free delivery.

The second thing is this pair of white leather Converse. I really love the idea of pairing the with the Toucan outfit as the leggings have white in the geometric print that would look really nice with these shoes. Obviously fitness isn't all about how you look but I personally am one of those people who always want to present myself well and I feel like this outfit and shoe combo are just the kind of thing I'd feel really comfortable about myself in. These are £55 in my local JD Sports. I don't feel like these are that cheap, I couldn't buy them for myself, but as a Christmas or birthday present I'd be over the moon with these! 

The third thing I'd love, is something to actually exercise on! I've spied this mini trampoline on Amazon, which seems to have a good rating. This is slightly under £30. Initially I wanted a gym membership, but that is £30 a month which I can't really justify paying or asking for, but I find mini trampoline exercises so fun, and it's something I can do at home which is perfect as I have my son Rhys with me all the time. I've also already got an Ab Trainer for my upper body, so a mini trampoline would be great for me to work on my lower body, too. It's virtually impossible to find time to go for a run as I'm always with my toddler, and I'm really body conscious so I feel most comfortable working out at home. Also, for workout music, I really like Pia Mia!

I'm probably also going to get myself some (very boring but very good for weight loss) lunch portion pots and smoothie shakers. A lot of people find it hard to lose weight because even thought they might be making healthier choices, they're simply eating too much without realising. They're also really good for when you're on the go, so you can carry your portions around with you and you won't be tempted by all the local sandwich shops or anything.

I'm really committed to losing my weight for good this time. As I've not exercised in a long time, I've started doing gentle exercises, like YouTubing beginner home exercises, and taking my son on two hour long walks in the countryside, a couple of times a week, which I feel is a good start, however I do really want to be doing more than that. As we're nearly half way through November, I'm going away on Monday back to London for a week, but I'll be staying with my friend Dani who is a Personal Trainer so I'm probably going to do a few workouts with her! Then it will be nearly December by the time I come back and there will only be a couple of weeks until Christmas so I can't really justify buying a mini trampoline to work out on when I'll barely be home (plus, I've barely started Christmas Shopping) so I think for now, I'll just be eating healthier (I'm going to also do an incredibly easy healthy meals post soon too), and be doing gentle workouts at home, and going on walks, before I start a new fitness regime in the New Year. I feel like this post has been so long!

Anyway, I hope you are all having a lovely week, wherever you are!

Much love,

Sam x

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