Tuesday, 2 December 2014

DIY Jam Jar Snowglobe

Seasons greetings, everyone! So, I personally love the idea of homemade gifts and decorations and such, around Christmas. (I'm also hoping to make up some fudge for Boxing Day, and onion chutney for the cheeseboard on Christmas Day). 

Today I decided to make a jam jar snowglobe with my son, Rhys, as I personally think it's a fun thing to do to get us into the Christmas spirit, and it's also a good, easy kind of messy play for little ones! So here's our DIY Snowglobe!

To make one yourself, you will need:
- A clean, empty jam jar
- A christmas-themed figurine, e.g. A snowman, Santa, a Christmas tree
- Superglue
- Enough water to fill the jam jar
- Glitter
- A small piece of red gingham ribbon

Method: Superglue your figurine onto the inside of the jam jar lid, and leave to dry overnight. In the morning, fill the jam jar with water (a lot of people will use tap water, I boiled the kettle and let some water cool overnight and left it aside, to make it sterile). Sprinkle in some glitter (I used blue and silver), and screw up the lid as tight as you can. Then tie the gingham ribbon, making sure it faces the same way as your figurine. Et voila, you have made a jam jar snowglobe! (They're so cute, right?!)

Hope you've enjoyed this post, 

Sammii-Jane x

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