Saturday, 22 February 2014

BareMinerals make-up review

I had a huge splurge yesterday in the make-up department of Bentalls, Kingston. There is every reputable cosmetics counter imaginable there, Benefit; Clarins; Clinique; Dior; Mac; Chanel; BareMinerals; and YSL; to name a few. I'm generally pretty loyal to the Benefit counter, however, I really wanted to try the BareMinerals products.
I had heard really good things about the BareMinerals brand, that it was the most natural and healthiest make-up you could buy for your skin; that it makes oily skin more matte without drying the skin; and that it leaves you with a flawless finish.
I approached the counter yesterday, fairly close to tears. I have had such problems of late with really bad skin, and it has really knocked my confidence. I showed the make-up consultant my blotchy, cracked, red forehead, which is my biggest problem area. I was extremely conscious of it but I was desperate for a solution. The consultant assured me that it wasn't as noticeable as I felt it was, and that she had seen a lot worse, and kindly proceeded to give me a full make-over, as she could see I really needed the confidence boost. She also showed me how to correctly apply my make-up, by demonstrating on one half of my face, and letting me practise the technique myself on the other half.
This is the finished make-over she gave me: 

I have to say, I was so impressed with the make-up, I bought the set. I was a little wary as I assumed that powder products would really dry out my skin, but she assured me that with the right skin care, it wouldn't be an issue. She cleansed my face, and applied a layer of moisturiser, serum, and primer, giving each layer a little time to set before applying the next product, and explained to me what each product was for. 
After deciding what shade of foundation would complement my skin tone best, she then applied the powder foundation to my face, blending it in circular motions with the powder brush. She then used a concealer brush to apply the foundation to my problem areas, and then used the powder brush to blend it all in again. 
She then showed me how to correctly apply the bronzer powder she selected for my skin tone, buffing the brush against my skin in a "3" motion, starting on the outer edges of my forehead, sweeping down across my cheeks, and finishing just before the powder reached my chin. She then applied two shades of eyeshadow to my eyelids, to create a light smoky effect. She then applied lipstick and lipgloss in a dusky rose hue to my lips, and lightly pencilled in over my eyebrows to complete the look. 
The make-up lasted all day, I had it applied at around 11am and didn't take it off until after midnight, so I know it lasts for at least 12 hours (with the exception of topping up my lips a few times, as to be expected). The product hasn't made my skin crack or dry out, as some cheaper products tend to do. I am really pleased with how well it has stayed, and hasn't transferred at all. 
The set that I bought was the BareMinerals customisable 8 piece get started kit, as shown below. 

The kit (retailed at £50) contained: 
- The Ready SPF 20 foundation
- The Prime Time foundation primer
- The Mineral Veil powder
- The Warmth all-over face colour
- The Flawless application face brush
- The full Flawless face brush
- The Maximum Coverage concealer brush

The kit also contained a handy leaflet on how to apply the make-up, plus a tutorial DVD. 
As the set was a little pricey for me, I couldn't also afford the moisturiser and serum on top (at another £25 each), so I popped into Superdrug to find a cheaper alternative product. I tested a couple of moisturising serums on the back of my hands, and left them to set for a couple of minutes so I could compare the smoothness of each product. I ended up settling on the Naturally a Radiant 2 in 1 moisturiser and serum, costing £3. I also bought a couple of Dead Sea Purifying face masks, a Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in Shade 08 (£5), and a collection 2000 eyeshadow trio palette in Chocolate Chip (another £3). 

While I would still love to buy the original BareMinerals eyeshadow palette I sampled, it will have to wait for another payday, at a further £25, so the Collection 2000 palette will do for now. 

As the make-over was done yesterday, I spent today trying the cheaper moisturiser and serum I bought, and then using the make-up I bought to apply it how I would like to wear it. This is the make-up look I created.

The BareMinerals products really do give you flawless coverage, and it really is so easy to apply. I started by cleansing my face, and applying the moisturiser and serum, and then the primer, trying to replicate the technique the consultant had used. I applied the foundation, bronzer, and mineral veil as she did, and opted for a lighter eye colour on the inners of my eyes, blending a darker shade into the outers. I then pencilled my eyebrows slightly heavier than she did to create more definition, and curled my lashes and applied a thicker coat of mascara than the day before. I then finished my lips with a base coat of lip balm, a light layer of the Kate Moss lipstick, and a layer of a BareMinerals Moxie lip gloss I purchased a while ago.

So, all I can do, is encourage you to try the BareMinerals products! I would definitely recommend having the make-up professionally done at one of the counters, just so you know exactly how to make the most of the products. The consultant was so friendly and helpful, and the products are perfect for my skin, and I will definitely be returning for more, as one happy customer! This is honestly the best make-up I've ever tried - a huge thumbs up to BareMinerals! :)

Sammii-Jane x

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