Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sneak Peek at my new Flat!

Hey guys! So, as you may or may not know, I have recently moved from London to Scotland. I wanted to provide a real family home for my son, Rhys, and wasn't able to do that while living in London. As I'm sure you can imagine, I have been extremely busy decorating the flat, and I thought I would show you guys our home so far! 

It started off a real state when I was first given the keys. There was no carpet, no decor, no appliances in the kitchen, and I was lucky that my flat came wallpapered, to be honest. So for the first couple of days I set about painting the entire flat, sanding floors, and acquiring furniture. It's only been a week as I got the keys last Wednesday, and already my living room is fully furnished and decorated exactly how I want it! I was very set that I wanted my living room to be properly decorated and nice to live n as it would be the main room that my son would be playing in and I would be watching him, so I really wanted it to be a safe and happy place for him to grow and develop. 

Aqua blue is my favourite colour, and with the grey sofa I think the colours pair together really well. I didn't want my living room to be too girly or anything as I would have a little boy playing in it, so I decided to stick to quite neutral colours of blue, grey, and cream. I'm now just waiting on a rug from Amazon to arrive to put in front of the book case, and my living room will be finished!

So far, I'm really loving the new flat. It is a fresh start for us both, and we also now live two minutes away from Rhys's godparents, who are here all the time! 

I will hopefully get back to beauty related posts soon (although you may have a few home-related posts to contend with first!) 

Hope you've enjoyed this post,

Sammii-Jane x

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